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Callaway Launches XR OS Hybrids

To help complement their new line of XR OS irons, Callaway is also launching a series of hybrids to help provide long-iron options for players who want the added stability and reliability of hybrids. The new hybrids will retail at $219 a piece and come in varying lofts from 21 degrees to 38 degrees with their 3, 4, 5, 6, …

The Golf Drill GuruCallaway Launches XR OS Hybrids
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Callaway Launches XR OS Irons

Callaway’s next endeavour into the players iron market is the new XR OS Irons. They are custom designed to be easier to hit, more forgiving, longer and also use their popular Face Cup technology that has helped them become the #1 iron in golf. This latest model comes in steel and graphite and is also available in a combo hybrid …

The Golf Drill GuruCallaway Launches XR OS Irons
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New Scotty Cameron Select Putters

If you know us, we’ve always been big fans of high end putters, especially Scotty’s and Bettinardi. There’s something beautiful about these putters that move it beyond a functional golf tool, and into the world of art. Scotty Cameron’s newest Select putters are no exception.
Hitting a golf shop near you on April 8th, the new Scotty Cameron Select putters are …

The Golf Drill GuruNew Scotty Cameron Select Putters
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Titleist Launches Vokey Spin Milled 6 Wedges

Titleist Vokey wedges, which already dominate the tour are back with the latest version, that once again are labelled as their ‘best yet’. No surprises there. Here’s how Titleist describes these beauties. They are said to provide precise distance control, enhanced shot versatility, maximum spin and superior feel.
With that said, the Tour’s adoption of these latest wedges from Bob Vokey …

The Golf Drill GuruTitleist Launches Vokey Spin Milled 6 Wedges
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Improve Your Game Watching TV

It’s the winter season, and many would-be golfers are stuck indoors dreaming of tight fairways and rolling manicured greens while putting a ball across their living room carpet while watching golf on TV. Hey, its not ideal, but we make it work until it warms up outside. With the Farmer Insurance Open on the PGA Tour and the Commercial Bank …

The Golf Drill GuruImprove Your Game Watching TV
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Best Social Media Accounts In Golf

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. We were recently sent a pretty cool infographic that dives into the biggest and best followed personalities in the golf industry. If anything, this should give you a great list of individuals to follow if you love the game of golf. Still reigning strong on this one is Tiger Woods, but Rory McIlroy, the …

The Golf Drill GuruBest Social Media Accounts In Golf
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Putt However You Want, But Follow These 6 Basics

Putting is the most personalized part of the game of golf. Its individuality can largely be attributed to how simple the actual process is. In its simplest form – putting is simply the act of trying to hit a ball with the right speed on the right line to get it to fall in a hole some distance away. Since …

The Golf Drill GuruPutt However You Want, But Follow These 6 Basics
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5 New Years Resolution All Golfers Should Follow

It’s that time of year again! Its the time when you “are serious” about making changes in your life… until of course you see the dessert menu, or realize how difficult burning calories really is.  Truth is, most of us don’t really know how to make resolutions that have a chance to stick around past the first few weeks. Our …

The Golf Drill Guru5 New Years Resolution All Golfers Should Follow
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Save the Game! – A True Golfers New Year’s Resolution

The game of golf is in trouble, or so some say. And if current trends continue, it won’t be long until it fades into obscurity, becoming just another past-time of the privileged like yacht racing or (Gasp!) polo. Now trust me, I’m not one of those doom & gloom pundits in the media, trying desperately to jump on the bandwagon …

The Golf Drill GuruSave the Game! – A True Golfers New Year’s Resolution
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Try Fine Spirits Every Month with Flaviar

It’s always nice when something comes in the mail. Sometimes we get little gadgets to add on to our golf clubs, sometimes it something for the cart to charge your phone on the go, this time it was whiskey. Really good whiskey!
The nice folks over at Flaviar sent the team at Sir Shanks Alot a little bit of a fine …

KihyaTry Fine Spirits Every Month with Flaviar