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A tight, stiff golf swing is not conducive to consistent results and low scores. You’ll never see a better player look stiff and rigid while swinging – they will always be smooth, relaxed and in control. A tight, rigid swing will reduce your ability to create swing speed significantly. Lag production is significantly reduced, as the smaller muscles are locked and tight. The hands are wrists are some of the most important parts of the body to have relaxed in a golf swing – for the wrists to release naturally and properly into impact, they must be relaxed.

This drill, in which you initiate your swing with a slight head start, is very effective at developing a solid rhythm. This rhythm should help reduce the rigidity of your swing, and encourage a smoother more relaxed swing motion.

Slicers are very commonly victims of a stiff, tight swing… especially in the grip – their slices are caused by the lack of rotation through impact caused by their grips. Keep in mind, that your grip pressure on a scale of 1 to 10 should be no more than a 5 to ensure solid wrists release through impact.


Give it a try!

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