Good morning everyone! We had a chance to speak with the guys at Swinkey Golf. They’ve designed a new training aid based on their experiences on the Canadian Tour. They call it “The Golfer’s Toolbox”… because it does a little bit of everything. It’s a stretching pole, driver protector, setup system, putting trainer, adjustable swing club, camera tripod and even had a string line. Here are the guys answering a few of our questions. Got something you’d like to ask? Leave it below and we’ll see if the guys can do another video Q&A.

Thanks to the guys at Swinkey Golf for taking the time to put together this video… and for including the rockin’ song at the end!

*UPDATE* – The guys at Swinkey have passed along a coupon code for our readers. Enter GETSWINKEY and get $10 off your purchase.

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Hi. I'm SirShanksAlot. I spent most of my early adult life working in the golf industry and I even started a blog about it. Then one day I decided that it was time to move on and I officially became a '9 to 5'er" like the rest of you. Now I watch golf on TV and attempt to play it on the weekends.

3 Thoughts on “Q&A – Swinkey Golf

  1. Can I get this in a store or just on the Swinkey site?

  2. Todd Halpen on January 20, 2011 at 5:10 pm said:

    Enter GETSWINKEY for $10 off! Also, to find a local vendor click

  3. Todd Halpen on February 15, 2011 at 4:22 pm said:

    Hi Kevin,
    You can get them in some stores…to find out if there’s one near you go to

    Thanks !

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