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First Impressions Of The SRT Tri Ball Putter

Hi everyone. Not a whole lot going on today but I think I’ve rounded up enough info for a small post. Let’s get to it!

Our shop got our first Odyssey SRT Tri Ball putter today. SirPuttsAlot and I saw it back in September at the Las Vegas Show but it’s kind of fun to have one in the shop now. This putter has a really interesting look… let’s just say a traditionalist won’t go crazy over it. I had a chance to try it for a while this afternoon and I’m in love! I won’t lie… the look does not sit well with me but it’s tough to hate a putter that works so well. It’s so stable through impact and it swings really nice. The feel is decent… it features the same White Steel insert as last year. I even tried to miss hit the putt (which isn’t hard for this guy!) and the putter stayed nice and square. I guess I’ll have to save my pennies and look at getting one. Obviously all golfers are different and a large MOI putter isn’t for everyone but make sure you at least try the Tri Ball when you see one at your local shop. It just might surprise you!

Speaking of putters… we get the odd email asking about a black Monza Corza putter that makes a Tour appearance now and again. Sounds like the chances of seeing this putter in a store near you are pretty slim but don’t be surprised if you see something completely different from TaylorMade by the end of the year. We’ll let you know more as we get it!

Let’s talk a bit about shafts. We’ve been talking a bit about Mitsubishi shafts over the past few weeks and it looks like the company had a very good weekend. Mitsubishi shafts were used by all three players in the Buick Invitational playoff. Watch for the new Mitsubishi Diamana Red Board and Bassara shafts in March.

More shafts… Graphite Design has expanded their Purple Ice line. The new shafts aren’t up on the company website yet but I have been told that they have added a few more weights to the line. The Purple Ice is actually a really solid shaft that gets very little press. I’ll see what else I can find and I will pass it on.

That’s all for now… I told you I didn’t have much! Thanks to everyone for dropping by and a big thanks for making January our busiest month ever! Strange to see traffic growing in the winter but we won’t complain! Talk to you soon.

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