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2008 Innovex Golf Line With Pictures

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. We thought we'd pass along some pictures and info on the2008 Innovex Golf line. These products will be featured in a couple of the golf magazines next month and all of them have been nominated for the 2008 Golf Digest Hot List. Featured here are the Type S GDT irons, GDT wedges, GDT driver and the Emotion golf ball. 

Innovex TYPE S GDT Irons

Innovex Type S GDT Irons

- Balanced Progressive offset with little in the short irons stepping up slightly through the long irons.

- Cavity back forgiveness with control.

- Available in a ladies version with a UST Metallic blue shaft and metallic blue head

Innovex Type S GDT Wedge

Innovex GDT Wedge

- 50 Degree, 54 Degree, 58 Degree, 62 Degree

- Varying Bounce Angles. Offers options from all types of lies, from powdery sand to hard pan.

Innovex Type S GDT Driver 

Innovex GDT Driver 

- 5300 MOI

- Titanium Cup Face 

Innovex Emotion 3-Piece Golf Ball 

Innovex Emotion Golf Ball

Innovex Emotion Golf Ball 2

Watch for all of these products in 2008. They'll be up on the Innovex Golf website in the next month! Thanks for stopping by! 

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