Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by – this morning we have another review for you. Today we will look at the Adam IDEA a12 OS Hybrid.


Adams golf has been known for developing forgiving hybrid irons for years. They have practically cornered that niche of the market while other companies have steered clear of full hybrid iron sets.

The IDEA a12 OS features a unique gold finish with chrome club face. The gold finish is rather unique, however, that barely caught my attention when you view the velocity slot located on the crown just behind the club face. There is also a chamber on the sole of the club. The velocity slot chamber is designed to increase distance while offering the superior forgiveness. The velocity slot looks strange in the address position, however, after you hit a few balls you barely notice it. The appearance of the IDEA a12 OS rates 6 out of 10.


I tested the Adams IDEA a12 OS 6 (28 degree) hybrid ultra lite 50g high launch shaft. The Adams IDEA a12 OS performs as advertised – forgiving. The a12 generates a mid to high launch and generally produces straight shots. Off center hits create a lower ball flight. In addition, shots from tight lies often cause a low ball flight with more left to right movement. The hybrid design of the IDEA a12 helps get the ball in the air. The a12 OS is an easy club to hit and should perform great for higher handicap players. In addition, the a12 produces an average distance. However, it will potentially deliver more distance for someone who consistently produces wild shots. Straighter shots generally generate more distance. The IDEA a12 rates 8 out of 10 in terms of performance.


The Adams IDEA a12 OS features a lightweight shaft with a heavier feel in the club head. Adams utilizes a D1 swing weight in the a12. The company boasts the club is extremely forgiving. I agree, off center hits really felt very similar to shots struck in the sweet spot. Overall, the feel of the IDEA a12 OS felt average compared to other hybrids and rates 7 out of 10.


Players are always searching for more forgiveness. The IDEA a12 OS hybrid offers plenty of forgiveness. The IDEA a12 OS is easy to hit and the low center of gravity gets the ball in the air. Anyone who struggles to get the ball in the air might benefit from Adams technology and should demo the IDEA a12 OS. The hybrid retails at 169.99.  Adams offers an 8 piece IDEA a12 OS set for $499.99 or a full 13 piece set for $899.99.  Adams developed a strong following for affordable and dependable clubs and the value of the IDEA a12 OS hybrid rates 8 out of 10.

Image Credit: http://goo.gl/tMlrst

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4 Thoughts on “Adams IDEA a12 OS Hybrid Review

  1. I can hit a straighter ball with my Adams than any other hybrid I have tried.

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