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Our website offers a variety of advertisement opportunities. Our site can accommodate most standard ad sizes including:

  • 428 x 60 (Above and below content)
  • 300 x 250 (Right sidebar)
  • 300 x 600 (right sidebar)
  • 160 x 600 (Right sidebar)
  • 728 x 90 (header)

We can also accommodate video ads, remarketing ads and are open to other advertising proposals. Contact us for more information on our rates and availability, and please review our media kit below.

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  1. JOY

    My name is Joy.
    I’ve visited your site and found that your site’s themes are related with ours. Therefore, we’d like to place a 3-month site wide 125*125 banner ad (Do Follow)or text Ad(Do Follow) on your site. I don’t want CPM or CPC. Would you please quote me your price?
    (If you don’t do 125 x 125 banner ad, we can also go with other size and type. Also, if you have other site that allow Ads, you can tell me)
    Looking forward to your KINDLY reply!

  2. Andrew Fox, Jr.

    Dear Sir Shanksalot,
    i would love to share this message with your readers. Please check it out, then let’s talk.
    This brand new putting method is amazing!
    It’s the newest US golf patent;

    Putt like a pro in 30 minutes.
    Shoot lower scores.
    Not just a grip, a whole new method!
    100% satisfaction guaranteed.
    This is brand new and it works. Check it out.
    Get yours now.

  3. George Nosak

    Hi, good day….

    I’m interested in a possible direct media buy on your site the ( Which i believe would be perfect fit for some advertising i’d like to do…

    I’m an independent direct response marketer based in the UK and with a $25, 000 advertising budget?

    Also i’d like to see your traffic stats and audience demographics as i couldn’t see those things on places like quantcast…

    Looking forward to hearing from you people @
    (P.S i tried sending this to your but it failed)

  4. Erich Axsom

    Do you offer “Sponsored Posts” (or guest posts)? Where you convey our key message points in a way that fits organically into your content and engages your audience. We can work together with you to create a storyline that is mutually agreeable. We’d like the post to contain up to three links and include promotion via your social media. Please let me know at your next convenience. Thanks.

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