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Callaway Speed Regime Golf Balls

First the first time in their history, Callaway customizes aerodynamics with the release of the Speed Regime golf ball – creating a different ball for different segments of golfers.



  • Driver Swing Speeds under 90mph
  • 4- Piece
  • Optimized distance for moderate driver speeds
  • More control and spin into greens






  • Driver Swing Speeds between 90 and 105mph
  • 5- Piece
  • Optimized distance for athletic speeds
  • Regulated spin and control, combined with max speed and distance





  • Driver Swing Speeds over 105mphSR3
  • 5- Piece
  • Optimized distance for touring speeds
  • Incredibly soft feel




Callaway Speed Regime Intro Video

To learn more about the Speed Regime, visit the Speed Regime website.

Photos and Videos via Callaway Golf

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