Dog Beer Cart

Kickstarter has become a bankroll for some pretty cool projects lately – video games, 3D printers and even movies. It’s amazing to see the amount of money certain projects have raised and the types of ideas people have. But I’ll be honest.. I’m not a real “technological wizard”. The idea of putting money into a new video game about hobbits and gnomes doesn’t excite me nor does the opportunity to have a 3D printer on my desk. A dog powered beer cart on the other hand… that’s something I can throw my support behind. Danny Blodgett from Utica, Michigan… you’re onto something!

Ok let’s quickly go through some of the things that make this awesome…

  • He adopted an abused dog
  • He’s drinking a beer while demonstrating the product
  • He lists Iron Man 2 as one of his inspirations
  • You only need a college degree to put his prototype together
  • It’s a beer cart pulled by a dog

I’m in.

If “legit” inventions and ideas are more your style, check out the Zen Bloodhound putter. Some interesting stuff… and there’s a cool rocket car!


Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by, today we’re going to take a closer look at the next series in our posts regarding golfers over the age of 50.  In this post we’ll cover some great stretching exercises you can take care of at home to help fight the next item on our list of the top 5 problems killing golfers over 50, which is: Left Shoulder Abduction. Let’s get to the post!

Left shoulder abduction is when, in the golf backswing, you cross your left arm across your chest. This is key to having swing width, which is one of the vital components to power and distance, without having to add muscle or swing harder. Poor flexibility here leads to a backswing with many compensatory breakdowns such as collapsing the elbows in the backswing or an extremely limited backswing.

Unfortunately, there are very few movements that you make during your daily routine that uses this particular motion in full. As the saying goes, if you don’t use it you will lose it. This saying is very true with golfers over 50.

What typically happens is that as the golfer makes his/her backswing, they run into this shoulder limitation about there quarters of the way to the top.

At this point, one of two things will happen:

1. The backswing stops. The golfer maintains good mechanics but essentially settles for 1/2 of a swing and the loss of distance that comes with it.

2. The golfer makes “compensations” to complete the feeling of a full backswing. Unfortunately, like medications, all swing compensations come with side effects.

Like I mentioned before, most golfers will allow their elbows to breakdown or bend too much. However, allowing the elbows to breakdown causes a complete loss of swing width. And a loss of swing width results in a loss of power and distance. In addition, you will experience a decrease in accuracy because you are adding more variables to an already complicated swing. More variables leads to less consistency and accuracy.

Here is what a swing looks like when the elbows break down:

Golfer is compensating for poor flexibility by collapsing elbows at the top of the backswing.

Golfer is compensating for poor flexibility by collapsing elbows at the top of the backswing.

The best stretch that I have used to improve this motion is sometimes referred to as the Knot Stretch and I think you will find the name appropriate when you get into the position.

Arm Cross Stretch for a Bigger Golf Backswing

The stretch is pictured lying prone on your stomach. However, you can perform this stretch in the same manner standing up facing a wall.

First, take your right arm and stretch it to the left keeping it at shoulder height. Next, stretch your left arm to the right with the left arm on top of the right arm. You may need to turn your head to get deep enough for a shoulder stretch. Hold it 30 seconds and repeat with your arms switched (ei right arm higher than the left arm). Sink deep to get a good stretch. If this is too difficult, you can use only one arm instead of two and work your way up.

Good luck and stay flexible out there.  Thanks for reading!


About the Author. Dr. Ryan York is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Golf Performance Specialist. He Co-created Age Defying Golf which serves men and women golfers between the ages of 50-75 years young. Visit us at


Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by, today we’re going to take a closer look at the next series in our posts regarding golfers over the age of 50.  In this post we’ll cover some fantastic exercises you can perform at home to help combat #2 on our list of the top 5 problems killing golfers over 50, which is: torso rotation.

Loss of torso (thoracic spine) rotation is a BIG issue with golfers over 50. Lack of this rotation leads to extreme power loss, loss of the so called “x-factor,” overly short backswings, an over the top swing motion leading to pulls as well as slicing golf shots. As we grow older, we are more likely to lose some of the flexibility between the vertebrae inside our spine. This is actually a bit more the result of non-use compared to physical changes. Nevertheless, both figure in.

As a physical therapist, I work on a lot of backs. The main danger with golfers over 50 is that a few joints in the back will become tight even though others become more flexible to make up for the rigidity in their neighbors.

In other words, we move the same amount but place all of the load on fewer joints.

This can lead to injury. Lack of upper body rotation is due to a couple of independent problems:

  1. The loss of flexibility of muscle groups that actively rotate the spine/torso.
  2. The movement of the individual spinal joints, mostly of the thoracic spine or mid-back

1. The Muscles of Rotation

The muscles in charge of core rotation can easily be restricted and rigid like any muscles within the human body that are not actively stretched or moved throught their full range. You possess a number of muscle groups in command of rotation starting with the bigger oblique muscles to the small muscle groups connected directly to the spine such as the multifidi, spinalis longissiumus, etc.

Luckily, anyone is able to stretch the whole group together and does not need to isolate each muscle separately.

The vital element of an effective muscle stretch is that you should hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds continuously. Lengthier stretches have not been confirmed to have any kind of advantage in any way unless you are planning on holding the stretch for 15 minutes or longer. Good luck with that!

Try this stretch instead:

Torso Stretch for a full golf follow through swing

The key to an upper body rotation stretch is to fixate the lower body, which is really what this stretch accomplishes by folding over the leg then. Thus, the stretch pictured emphasizes spine rotation to the left, which should help you follow through to a full finish in your golf swing. In order to enhance your spine rotation in your backswing, shift onto your left side and redo the stretch in reverse.

Maintain the stretch for about 20-30 secs taking in deep breaths. If you don’t feel a good stretch, you are officially a human Gumby!

Spinal Joint Rotation

Ok, this is the great part. You can also work on the mobility of the vertebra within the same stretching position. The distinction between a stretch and a spinal joint range of motion exercise is the amount of time you hold the position. Therefore, begin at the same precise position as portrayed in the photo above. This time, rather than maintaining the pose, make a wide arc with your left hand/arm and bring it back over so that it touching your right hand/arm. Voila! Spinal mobility.

Move back and forth 20-30 times without holding any position greater than one second. Repeat upon the other side

Now you can take care of both stretching the muscle groups involved in torso rotation and improving the individual motion of the spinal joints at the same time and in the same position.

Invest a few minutes every day and you will begin to recognize a big difference. There, isn’t that is a lot easier than a 30 minute, backbreaking workout? Your welcome!

Thanks for checking in!


Regarding the Author. Dr. Ryan York is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Golf Performance Specialist. He Co-created Age Defying Golf that serves men and women golfers between the ages of 50-75 years young. Visit us at


Hey everyone, thanks for stoping by, today we’re sharing with you a recent “interview” with the Ro-Mac (Rory McIlroy) and the Woz-Nak (his missus, who demanded we interview her too). It was a strange interview. So strange, in fact, that we thought we’d transcribe the entire interview here:


SS: SirShanksalot is delighted to have the opportunity to interview Rory McIlroy this week. He should be here any minute.

(5 minutes later)

SS: Any minute now.

(15 minutes later)

SS: Any minute. Oh….


RO-MAC:  Sorry, I’m late. The traffic was terrible.

SS: I can’t imagine why. It’s Sunday.

RO-MAC: Yeah…well, we had trouble finding the place.

SS: I thought our driver brought you?

RO-MAC: Yeah, well, he must have gotten lost.

SS: (Shouts to Jack, the Driver) Jack, is this true? Did you get lost?

DRIVER JACK: No! Caroline demanded we stop for KFC.

RO-MAC: That’s not true.


WOZ-NAK: Rory, did you eat the last piece of the bucket? I wanted that!

RO-MAC:  OK, so maybe we had KFC. But there’s a perfectly good explanation….

SS: Look, it’s fine. Can we just move on with the interview?

RO-MAC leans over to WOZ-NAK who whispers in his ear. Rory nods at me.

RO-MAC: Yes, Caroline says it’s fine. Proceed.

SS: OK. So, how’s the tooth?

RO-MAC: What tooth?

WOZ-NAK punches RO-MAC’S leg and winks at him.

WOZ-NAK: You know, Rory. The “tooth”?

WOZ-NAK wiggles her fingers to indicate air quotes around “tooth”.

RO-MAC: Oooooooooh, the “tooth”! It’s fine.

SS: So, are you having it taken out?



They look at each other in panic.

RO-MAC: Yes.

SS: I see. When?

RO-MAC: May.

WOZ-NAK: August.

RO-MAC: May….be August.

SS: Right. So, how are you finding the new Nike clubs?

RO-MAC: Oh, they’re “fine”

RO-MAC wiggle his fingers to indicate air quotes.

SS: I’m sorry, why did you just do air quotes around “fine”?

RO-MAC: Oh, you know. The clubs are “fine”.

RO-MAC winks at me.

SS: Am I to understand from the winking and wiggling of fingers that the clubs are anything but fine?

RO-MAC: Officially, they’re fine. Unofficially, they’re crap. But please don’t print that.

SS winks at RO-MAC and does airquotes.

SS: Don’t worry, I “won’t”

RO-MAC: Thanks buddy!

SS: So, what’s all this about problems with your swing?

RO-MAC: Oh, it’s just awful.

WOZ-NAK: Oh, don’t say that, Snookums. You have the cutest little swing in all the World?

RO-MAC: Oh, thank you, Purty-Pie!

RO-MAC and WOZ-NAK kiss. The kissing goes on for quite some time and both SS and DRIVER JACK are very uncomfortable. We leave to give them some privacy and return when passions have cooled.

SS: OK, so…can we continue?

RO-MAC: Please do.

SS: Jack Nicklaus said recently that your swing is not an issue. The real issue is your attitude.

RO-MAC picks up his stools and throws it at DRIVER JACK.

RO-MAC: How can you say that about me, man? I thought we bonded at KFC!?

SS: He didn’t say it? Jack Nicklaus did.

RO-MAC: Who’s he?

Stunned silence.

SS: Jack Nicklaus. The golfer. Winner of 19 Majors.

RO-MAC eventually pretends to know who Jack Nicklaus is.

RO-MAC: Ooooooh, him. Well, I don’t have a bad attitude.

DRIVER JACK: You threw a stool at me.

RO-MAC: Yeah, well…I don’t react well to things not going my way.

SS: Isn’t that what a bad attitude is?

RO-MAC: Yeah, well, my attitude is only bad because…I think I ate too much KFC.

WOZ-NAK: Yeah, we had too much KFC.

SS: That’s a really bad excuse.

RO-MAC starts to cry. WOZ-NAK holds him in her large arms.

RO-MAC: (crying) Yeah, well, I wasn’t hugged enough as a child!

WOZ-NAK: Shhh, Rory. I’ll hug you lots now! He’s had enough. Ask me a question now.

SS: Ok. What do you say to the newspaper headline that claimed you and Rory are ruining each other’s careers?

WOZ-NAK picks up her stool. SS woke up in hospital.




Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by, today we’re going to share with you a recent interview with Tyler Sullivan of Bombtech Golf, the man behind the new Grenade driver set to launch in March. We had a chance to catch up with him to chat about the new driver, the process behind making it, the science behind the design, and grill him a bit about the technology. We hope you enjoy this inside look into the making of a new driver.  Enjoy!

Hi Tyler, what made you want to make this new driver?

Bombtech Golf Grenade Driver

I was always looking for new and different golf driver heads, shafts and grips that would give myself and my customers an advantage.  I enjoy custom club building and specifically working with golfers to find their perfect fit so much that I decided to make my own brand.  There are great products on the market, but I felt that I could build a brand and golf driver that not only performs well but is unlike anything on the market.

What was one of the biggest challenges in designing this driver? 

This has to be to develop a design with an actual purpose.   I decided early in this process that I needed to find some smart minds to engineer an unique design that would have  a defined benefit to golfers.  For this reason, I partnered with the University of Vermont’s Engineering department.  I worked hand in hand with four engineering students to design a product that would increase club head speed while offering a large sweet spot or “BOMB ZONE”.

Marketing lingo aside, what’s the process these students used to build this driver? Was it a start from scratch design, or based off something?

Great question, this golf driver design was completely from scratch. The requirements I gave the students were the following:

  1. USGA conforming
  2. Increase Aerodynamics
  3. Unique design – unlike anything on the market

The students came out with 4 distinct designs and they are continuing to improve the other designs.  This design we now call the Grenade had the best aerodynamic performance based on their engineering programs.

Bombtech Golf Grenade Driver

What characteristics of this driver were specifically built for increased club speed with a large sweet spot?

The dual cavities on the back of this new driver were designed by the Vermont engineers in a way to decrease drag as you swing the club.  The picture shows that vortexes of air are created when the golf driver is swung and the engineers found that this will increase club head speed.

Bombtech Golf Grenade Driver
How is this driver unlike anything on the market today? What makes it unique?

Bombtech Golf Grenade DriverThe dual cavities are really what makes this driver different.  You can see form the mold below how large the dual cavities are.  The impact of this design will be dramatic. *please note the piece on the outside is not a part of the driver.

Tell us about the dual cavity technology, is this similar to the Nike or Adams cavity technology?

The Grenade dual cavity technology is very different than both Nike and Adams.  The dual cavities original design was to increase aerodynamics.  When you swing the Grenade, the dual cavities create a vortex of air behind the club head which increases club head speed throughout your swing.  I haven’t been able to test this part, but I believe the cavities will also give better feel and increase accuracy and distance, especially on slightly off centered hits.

How did you come up with the name Grenade?

It just made sense.  I want to launch the Grenade by BombTech Golf… just sounds right!

How did you find the perfect stock shaft?

This was one of the most exciting experiences in launching this new company.  I am grateful and thrilled to have a aftermarket quality shaft made by Matrix for my “stock” shaft.  I believe that a high quality golf shaft is instrumental in creating a high performance golf driver.  This is why I am working with one of the best golf shaft companies in the world.  My costs are higher because I am using premium materials, but I believe to offering a better product is more important to my customers.

Are other shaft options, lofts, left-handed models available?

For the initial launch, BombTech Golf is offering the Grenade in 10.5 degree right hand with Regular, Stiff shaft options.  I will quickly be offering, Senior and Extra stiff flex shafts upon request and will be releasing a 9 degree right hand soon. Left-handed in the near future.

Has this driver undergone robotic tests, how did it perform? Was it compared to any other drivers?

Not, but this is in the works for Summer 2013.

Bombtech Golf Grenade DriverWe’d love to see the results of those test.  This driver features titanium face and 0.83 COR – has it been tested and approved by the USGA?

The design has been submitted to USGA but the live titanium club head has not been tested.  The foundry that I am using is one of the most high tech in the world and they do all testing in house before any club head is completed.  I will be offering a club head that offers the max USGA limit of 0.83.  I am also using a TI-1188 face which extremely durable and strong.  The Grenade club head also uses a 2 piece cast design which is used to increase that durability and feel of the driver.

What are your thoughts on adjustability for drivers these days? Why did you move away from this in your driver?

In my personal opinion, I believe adjustable drivers are more helpful for the club fitters than the golfer.  This way, a customer that wanted to get fit in person could go hit balls in front of a monitor with the fitter to find their loft, flex and shaft length. But I think selling an adjustable driver as an off the shelf product is not a benefit to golfers.  Too many options keep golfers wondering is this a good configuration out of the 150 that this golf driver can do.  I think working on a repeatable swing with one driver configuration would truly help you be longer and straighter off the tee. This is why I enjoy consulting with my customers directly on our website, it allows me to get to know them and their swing, to be able to produce the best driver for their needs. 

Do you have any pros on tour interested in your driver?

At this point, no. But the truth is that I can’t afford to have any pros on tour carry my products. And if I could afford it, that would increase the price of my product to consumer. So in order to keep quality up and price down, I don’t plan on going down that route. With that said, I would love to have any professional try the Grenade!

How can we buy the driver?

For the initial launch, you can order the golf driver on or call me at 802.448.2094. The driver costs $349, but the first 100 through pre-order will be $249. To start I am planning on selling direct to consumers, until one of the big box stores calls me anyway, haha.

Thanks Sully, what’s next? Any plans on a new club?

Right now, my plan is to get the Grenade in more lofts available soon.  I don’t believe in bringing new products to market unless they truly are an improvement from the original.  I may offer a Grenade 3 wood and 5 wood in the future. Check back to find out or like us on Facebook.

Grenade Driver Details & Specs

The Grenade golf club head was designed to offer a large hitting area while maintaining an extremely aerodynamic shape. The dual cavity design is what makes the Grenade so fast! These dual cavity speed accelerators do just that, allow you to swing faster! In addition, the Speed Accelerators increase club head feel on off center hits. A TI-1188, a high tensile strength titanium was used to increase durability, feel and most importantly distance. The club head was built using plasma welding technology to increase structure rigidity and overall performance. All of this performance is packed into a competitively priced golf driver that is designed for all golfers to bomb.

A portion of all profits will be donated back to the University of Vermont where the golf driver was originally designed!

img_grenadeGrenade Golf Club Head Specifications:
Dual Cavity Speed Accelerators
Loft: 10.5 degrees
Design: 2 Piece Cast Design, Plasma Welded
Max COR 0.83
Weight: 199 Grams
CC: 460 CC

Price: $349 (first 100 sold via pre-order- $249)

Shaft Specs

Brand: Matrix
Flexes: Regular, Stiff and Stiff Plus
Kick Point: Mid-Low
Trajectory: Mid-High
Weight: 65 Grams
Length: 46 inches

Garia Golf Car

Good evening everyone! I figured I’d put my last few hours on earth to use (if you believe the doomsday folks) and expand my Christmas list a bit. Apparently, according to my wife and parents, I’m “difficult” to buy for. I’m pretty much set when it comes to golf stuff… the combination of my years of working in a golf shop and the minimal wear and tear on my equipment due to a total lack of playing leaves me in a position to not ask for much.

Like most guys, I’ve got my dream list of gifts. It’s fun being the guy with the nicest golf clubs or fanciest golf shoes but there are certain things that will make you truly stand out among your golfing peers. Over the past few months I’ve come across some pretty cool golf items and I think it’s time to add them to my list. Just in time for last minute shopping.

Want to impress that golfer on your list and win their love and affection for life? Check out these dream gifts…

XGOLF i2 Simulator

Golf simulators are nothing new but this one comes with all the extra bells and whistles… automatic ball feeder, weight sensors and a floor that automatically moves to match your lie. XGOLF has been around for over 12 years and have installed over 3000 simulators all around the world. Know someone with some extra room in the basement or an extra wing they’re not using? This would fit nicely.

Garia Golf Car

Most golf carts are functional but a bit boring. Extra cup holders and GPS units are nice touches but they don’t compare to a refrigerator, interior lights and a heated windshield (with wiper). Head to the company website and build and price your own car and then request a test drive. Don’t worry about quality.. these are built in Finland at the same factory that builds the Porsche Boxster and Cayman.

Garia Golf Car

Pescador Golf Shoes

I’ll admit it.. I’m more of a casual golf shoe kinda guy but the thought of having a pair of sweet python kicks is pretty tempting. Pescador is manufacturer from Spain that specializes in made to measure golf shoes. You might be the worst player in the foursome but it you will be able to take comfort in knowing that your shoes are worth more than the entire bag of the guy next to you.

Well.. it’s just after midnight on December 21, 2012. I should probably head out to my fallout shelter and chow down on some canned pasta. Thanks for stopping by!


Ever wonder what Jesper Parnevik is up to these days? Well good news… we found him.  Looks like he and a cast of PGA Tour players had some spare time and came up with this gem of a video. May I present to you… “Parnevik Gangnam Style”  featuring cameos by Dustin Johnson, Richard Johnson,Will MacKenzie, Fredrik Jacobson and Marc Turnesa. Awesome!

system c banner

Have you ever experienced one of those “it was a really good idea at the time” moments? Have you ever thought of a ridiculous idea, gone through with said idea and then been sued by one of the world’s largest golf companies because they didn’t appreciate the use of their name in your marketing materials? Ya… me neither. But I know someone that has…

As much as I love the latest and greatest in golf equipment, I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the unusual. When I sit around with some of my golfing buddies and talk about “the good ol’ days” of working in the shop, the conversation usually focuses on some of the weird and wacky equipment that we had the opportunity to play and sell. When the talk turns to golf balls, there are two models that always come up in conversation – the Top-Flite System C and System T.

Some of you have probably never heard of these… mainly because they got phased out rather quickly. There isn’t a ton of information online about these but I still have a decent recollection of the whole concept. If I’m forgetting something, leave it in the comments below.

There were really two big wood lines in the late 90′s. Callaway was riding their Big Bertha line (Great Big Bertha and Biggest Big Bertha) while TaylorMade was in full “copper mode” with clubs like the Burner Bubble, Ti Bubble and Ti Bubble 2.

I remember our Top-Flite rep coming into the shop one afternoon with a “really cool” surprise. He pulled two boxes of golf balls out from his bag. New golf balls rarely excited me but these were a bit different. Our rep explained that this new line of balls were designed to maximize the distance and accuracy of Callaway (System C) and TaylorMade (System T) drivers. At first I was intrigued by the idea but after a few minutes of thinking, I realized that these were pretty ridiculous. Ever more ridiculous was the fact that the boxes had pictures of Callaway and TaylorMade drivers on them. I’ll never claim to be an expert in the trademark and patent field but even I could see the impending train wreck with these things. Somehow I didn’t think the..

“Callaway Did Not Participate in the Design, Production or Sale of these Balls. Top-Flite is Solely Responsible for this Revolutionary Ball/Club System”

warning across the front of the box was going to prevent ol’ Ely from suing Top-Flite. Regardless, we bought a bunch of them and conveniently set them up beside the corresponding drivers (I must say… merchandising has always been one of my strengths).

To my surprise, they sold quite well. Some customers bought them out of curiosity and others swore that they really maximized their Callaway and TaylorMade clubs. Some customers even bought them in hopes that they would somehow magically transform their $20 bargain bin drivers into Biggest Big Berthas. The most entertaining part of the whole thing was how TaylorMade guys wouldn’t touch System C balls and Callaway guys stayed away from System T’s. Had a Callaway club come in contact with a ball designed for the Ti Bubble, the results would have been disastrous.

It didn’t take long for the lawyers to get involved and eventually the balls were phased out. Prior to “the law” ruining all the fun, Top-Flite had gone out and challenged Titleist and Slazenger to a $1 million “our System C and System T balls will outperform your golf balls”  bet. Too bad these balls weren’t around long enough to see such a challenge unfold.

You can still find these balls online if you look long enough. The picture used in this post came from eBay where a hopeful seller is offering a dozen System C’s for $50. You’ll probably want to pass on this one and save your money.

Norm MacDonald

It’s not unusual that I find myself away from the television on the weekend. Gone are the days when my whole Sunday consisted of watching golf and football while eating a pizza and cracking open a few cold drinks. I’ve got a family now and we’ve got a whole list of things to do every weekend. One of the things that I rarely get to do anymore is watch a complete golf tournament.

I did my best this past weekend to catch as much of the Ryder Cup as possible but I still had to make the bi-monthly family trip to Costco for frozen pizza and toilet paper. Twitter has become a huge part of my daily routine (@bsiddle is my non-SirShanksAlot name) and I turned to it yesterday to keep me up to date on the golf. Twitter was buzzing with Ryder Cup updates and I must applaud folks like Shane Bacon, Stephanie Wei and Jason Sobel for their quality updates… but there was one guy that stood above all the rest. This guy…

Yes… former SNL news guy, star of the classic movie Dirty Work and fellow Canadian Norm MacDonald really knows his golf. I’ve been watching his Tweets for a few weeks now and I find his golf commentary to be very insightful and his predictions to be.. well.. a bit creepy at times. Hours before the big European comeback at the Ryder Cup, Norm went through all singles matches and predicted the final score would be 14-14. He also correctly predicted 7 of the 12 outcomes in the final matches. Going back through his Tweets, he’s  provided lots of solid sporting insight and predictions… many of which are correct. Regardless… he’s quickly become one of my favourite follows on Twitter.

Here are his Tweets regarding the Ryder Cup outcome…

I think it would be great to see Norm as a regular on a show like Morning Drive on the Golf Channel. He’s always entertaining on talk shows and the whole journalist thing isn’t that new to him. Norm’s brother Neil is an awarding winning journalist and the Senior Correspondent in Washington for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Move over Johnny Miller… you and your “the Europeans aren’t used to playing water holes” lines can hit the road. I think it’s time that Norm gets a chance…




GolfPunk Magazine

GolfPunk Magazine

Good afternoon everyone! I was rolling through our email this afternoon and saw a message from the guys over at GolfPunk. For those that don’t know, GolfPunk was (is) one of my favourite golf magazines and I was sad when they were ceased production a few years back. The old GolfPunk team has returned and they’ve just launched their new digital magazine under the same name. It’s well worth a read.. especially if you follow European golf.

It seems to be missing the Bunker Babes though… hopefully they can get that fixed in time for the next issue…