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All I Want For Christmas – The Golfer’s Dream List

Good evening everyone! I figured I’d put my last few hours on earth to use (if you believe the doomsday folks) and expand my Christmas list a bit. Apparently, according to my wife and parents, I’m “difficult” to buy for. I’m pretty much set when it comes to golf stuff… the combination of my years of working in a golf …

SirShanksAlotAll I Want For Christmas – The Golfer’s Dream List
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Jesper Parnevik – Gangnam Style

Ever wonder what Jesper Parnevik is up to these days? Well good news… we found him.  Looks like he and a cast of PGA Tour players had some spare time and came up with this gem of a video. May I present to you… “Parnevik Gangnam Style”  featuring cameos by Dustin Johnson, Richard Johnson,Will MacKenzie, Fredrik Jacobson and Marc Turnesa. …

SirShanksAlotJesper Parnevik – Gangnam Style
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Remember Those? – Top-Flite System C and System T Golf Balls

Have you ever experienced one of those “it was a really good idea at the time” moments? Have you ever thought of a ridiculous idea, gone through with said idea and then been sued by one of the world’s largest golf companies because they didn’t appreciate the use of their name in your marketing materials? Ya… me neither. But I …

SirShanksAlotRemember Those? – Top-Flite System C and System T Golf Balls
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My New Favourite Golf Analyst – @normmacdonald

It’s not unusual that I find myself away from the television on the weekend. Gone are the days when my whole Sunday consisted of watching golf and football while eating a pizza and cracking open a few cold drinks. I’ve got a family now and we’ve got a whole list of things to do every weekend. One of the things …

SirShanksAlotMy New Favourite Golf Analyst – @normmacdonald
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GolfPunk is Back!

Good afternoon everyone! I was rolling through our email this afternoon and saw a message from the guys over at GolfPunk. For those that don’t know, GolfPunk was (is) one of my favourite golf magazines and I was sad when they were ceased production a few years back. The old GolfPunk team has returned and they’ve just launched their new …

SirShanksAlotGolfPunk is Back!
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From The Shop – Golf Swing Mistakes

The golf swing is one of the most important parts of the game. If you’re unable to master good elements of a perfect swing, your scores will be sure to reflect it.
If you’re an avid golfer, whether playing several times a week, or simply a fan of the sport, you know that most of the game is about the golf …

ericFrom The Shop – Golf Swing Mistakes
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The Pros Use Custom Fit Golf Clubs, Do You?

Whether you are a touring professional, or are simply considering taking up the game, one thing can be said of custom fit golf clubs: the comfort and confidence you get will repay their cost many times over. In fact, many of the best club manufacturers will offer you a free custom fitting session when you decide to purchase their brand …

ericThe Pros Use Custom Fit Golf Clubs, Do You?

From the Shop – Golf Instruction 2.0

One of the highlights of my job is getting to help people get better at golf. The joy on a golfer’s face when they find out that “they can do it, really do it” is indescribable. Helping an avid golfer’s who’s been playing a long time is the most rewarding. These golf nuts have tried countless training aids, …

Brannon WatsonFrom the Shop – Golf Instruction 2.0

From the Shop – The Steps to Become "A Golfer"

One of my favorite things about being in the golf business as a retailer and an instructor is getting to see people grow in golf. While the details of each person’s journey are different I’ve noticed that there is a trend in the way a person becomes a golfer. You can’t call yourself a golfer just because you’ve played the …

Brannon WatsonFrom the Shop – The Steps to Become "A Golfer"
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From the Shop – Views of a Driving Range Pro

Good evening everyone. We’re pleased to welcome a new contributor to Brannon Watson is the Head Golf Professional and Owner of the Arkansas Golf Center in Conway, Arkansas. We were really interested in having more content from those folks working in the trenches… golf shops, driving ranges and golf courses. These people add a unique point of view and …

Brannon WatsonFrom the Shop – Views of a Driving Range Pro