Royal St.Andrews

Most things in life change. The golf swing is no exception. Today’s golfer has space age equipment compared to our forefathers. Swings have changed; equipment has changed. The spirit of the game however, has endured.

If you could somehow enter a time machine to find yourself on a golf course 400 years ago in Scotland, the birthplace of modern golf, you likely wouldn’t recognize the game you were playing. Modern materials have completely changed the game. From the clothes and shoes golfers wear, to their bags and the clubs in them, very few similarities exist between today’s amateur and professional golfers with those of royal and upper crust standings so many years ago.

As the equipment has changed and become better, faster and stronger, so have golfers themselves. In those earliest days, the shafts of golf clubs were made of wood. Ash, lemon wood, blue mahoo were all eventually replaced by then, state of the art, hickory. The hard and durable shafts allowed the best players of the day to swing with full force through their shots. Previously, some level of restraint was generally required due to the fragility of the shafts, and their tendency to break on the downswing.

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golf betting games online and offlineGolf and betting go hand in hand. We all love the way we get butterflies in our stomach over a two-foot putt to win a hole, or the camaraderie a measly $2 bet can make. It’s one of the few sports where you can setup a competitive match between players of vastly different skill levels. That being said, what are some bets you can make on the golf course? What kind of bets can you place on players on the tour?

When it comes to online sports betting, there are tons of options out there. If you’re looking for something fun and on-going, there are plenty of Fantasy Golf Leagues, where you can win great prizes and cash. The basic premise here is that you pick 5-10 players, and they receive a specific amount of points based on their standings in specific tournaments, or even golf rankings or money earned. The Golf Channel has a great one.

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youtube whats in the bag

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! Today we'll take a look at some cool what's in the bag segments on the tube from PGA Tour Videos. We'll be looking into the bags of Camillo Villegas, Hunter Mayhan, Rocco Mediate and Anthony Kim. Of these vids, my favorite has to be Rocco's – he looks like he'd be a blast to play a round with. What do you guys think?  Enjoy!

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I want to follow up from my last post and talk a bit more about practice time and effectively making the best use of that time to properly prepare yourself for your next important round or your next serious competitive event. As you know, I am a strong believer in having a strong mental routine and with that comes practicing with a purpose and preparing yourself for the golf course by making your practice time more like your actual round of golf. Read More →

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by again and I hope you are all enjoying the many insights from the PGA Show in Orlando! I’ve had a busy last few weeks battling a cold recently, having to move into a new place in Orlando because of security issues at my original location, and of course a some tournaments and lots of practice time! For those of you who have been following my website, you will be up to date on what’s been going on. Read More →