SirPuttsAlot Random Ramblings

Good evening fellow Shankers.  Thanks as always for checking out our little website and our apologies for the lack of posts lately.  SirShanks has been working hard on assembling information for the upcoming review season and well frankly, I've just been lazy.

SirShanksAlotSirPuttsAlot Random Ramblings

SirPuttsAlot Random Ramblings

Okay, one of my favorite sports weekends of the year is upon us so this is going to be a quick post today.  We’ve got two great golf tournaments going on, UFC 81 live tonight, and one of the most important Super Bowls to ever be played tomorrow.

SirShanksAlotSirPuttsAlot Random Ramblings

SirPuttsAlot Random Ramblings

Alright, a bit of a hangover and Lynyrd Skynyrd on the PVR dictate that this will be a quick post today so lets get to it.

SirShanksAlotSirPuttsAlot Random Ramblings

SirPuttsAlot Random Ramblings

Welcome to a great weekend of sports!  The PGA Tour returns to action in Hawaii and the NFL playoffs get underway.

SirShanksAlotSirPuttsAlot Random Ramblings

SirPuttsAlot Random Rumblings

In recent years the LPGA has taken some big strides gaining momentum and increasing its fan base.  The players are better than ever and the purses are growing.  If you’re still not paying attention maybe you need to check out the newest member…

SirShanksAlotSirPuttsAlot Random Rumblings

The SirPuttsAlot Theory – Swingweight

The topic we are going to try and look at this week is swingweight. Swingweight is talked about often in golf, especially in relation to custom golf clubs, but very few golfers actually understand what it means or how it works.

SirShanksAlotThe SirPuttsAlot Theory – Swingweight

The SirPuttsAlot Theory – Golf Club Fitting

Once in awhile we get asked questions about fitting for clubs and what people should look for, etc. and we do talk about fitting from time to time on the website. Recently we were asked a question about the different schools of thought on club fitting and where we stand.

SirShanksAlotThe SirPuttsAlot Theory – Golf Club Fitting

SirPuttsAlot's Predictions For 2007

Well, the countdown is on to Orlando and our first ever visit to the PGA Show.  To help fill the void between now and then here are some of my bold predictions for what we will see in golf in 2007.

SirShanksAlotSirPuttsAlot's Predictions For 2007

Let’s Talk About Specs

Ok before I begin… how many people figured out the pun in the title of this post? You know… the Salt N Pepa song? Man… I’m so clever! I should just write blog post titles for a living. Anyways… I was over at Golfwrx and came across an interesting conversation about guys having “macho club specs”. You know the guys… …

SirShanksAlotLet’s Talk About Specs

How Much Does Technology Help Us?

We received a great email the other day from one of our regular readers. Our reader wants to know “when should a golfer change clubs beyond the person just having a fetish and cash for new stuff?” He also wonders how much has golf technology changed over the years and if there is a limit to the technology that we …

SirShanksAlotHow Much Does Technology Help Us?