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Cleveland’s 2135 blade putter technology explained

Good day, thanks for stopping by! Earlier this year, we introduced you to Cleveland’s TFi 2135 putter which started appear on retail shelves nationwide on September 18th. We thought we’d pass along this video that explains the technology behind the 2135 putter…

The Golf Drill GuruCleveland’s 2135 blade putter technology explained
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Titleist’s New DT TruSoft Golf Ball

Hey there thanks for stopping by! Today we’re happy to tell you that Titleist is introducing their new DT TruSoft golf balls on October 1st.
The DT TruSoft was designed for golfers who like a truly soft feel. It has a new core and cover formulation engineered by Titleist R&D and promises to deliver an incredibly soft compression feel with impressive distance …

The Golf Drill GuruTitleist’s New DT TruSoft Golf Ball
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TaylorMade’s M1 Driver

Hey everyone, say hello to TaylorMade’s newest driver, one they’ve actually been sitting on at headquarters, as its been a little while since TaylorMade released a driver.  This new model marks a departure from the R series… and replaces it with an M. The M stands for multi-material construction, and this new driver features some pretty cool, ultra-thin-light carbon composite …

The Golf Drill GuruTaylorMade’s M1 Driver
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Ping Vortec Trademarked

We have no idea for what, nor do we have any idea if it’ll ever be printed on any of Ping’s equipment, but as a just in case, then trademarked the term ‘Vortec’ for future use on its equipment. What do we think this name may be for? Likely some sort of driver or driver element that should (in theory) …

The Golf Drill GuruPing Vortec Trademarked
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Project X HZRDUS Driver Shaft

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  We’ve gotten wind of a new shaft by Project X that has been generating some buzz on tour and in the golf realms – called Hzrdus.  Apparently this shaft has been in testing for quite some time, but only recently got coined its name.  Details are scarce, and we don’t know when this shaft …

The Golf Drill GuruProject X HZRDUS Driver Shaft
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Bridgestone J015 Driver

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by. We’ve got some interesting pictures to share with you of a new Bridgestone driver that’s showing 3 different approved models on the USGA conforming website. The first what appears to be a basic 460CC model, second a slightly smaller version of the driver, and third a 460CC model with shaft flexibility. These may be …

The Golf Drill GuruBridgestone J015 Driver
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Mizuno JPX 850 Driver

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. Today we’re going to share with you the details on the new JPX 850 driver by Mizuno. This is the next generation of tracks that moves away from simply allowing  golfer to adjust the fade or draw bias of heir club, but this is the first rendition that aligns with the swing allowing a …

The Golf Drill GuruMizuno JPX 850 Driver
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Steps Every Downswing Should Have: A Good Backswing

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that our sequence of posts focusing on the downswing, starts with the where we left off in the backswing sequence. But before we get started, its important to know that we’re omitting a very important section of the swing, which will be a post for another time – the transition – the most …

The Golf Drill GuruSteps Every Downswing Should Have: A Good Backswing
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Saddest Event In Golf This Week

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. Today’s we’re sharing with you what has got to be the saddest thing in golf this week – for sale, a set of barely used Mizuno irons. But as you’ll see that’s not really why this is the saddest thing of the week, its the reason behind the sale. Our hearts go out to …

The Golf Drill GuruSaddest Event In Golf This Week
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Rory’s Belfast Home is For Sale

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by today.  Rory McIlroy’s home over in Belfast just hit the market and is for sale for a cool 2.5 Million Pounds. Called the Robinhall House, its a 5 bedroom, 7,200 square foot home, that features top-of-the-line furnishings, a garage for “at least 3 cars” and of course 14 acres of landing including a driving …

The Golf Drill GuruRory’s Belfast Home is For Sale