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Smart Golf 101: Well Guarded, Windy Par 3

Next up in our smart golf series, is a very tricky par 3 hole that is 185 yards from the tips, and 145 yards from the beginner tees, with bunkers left, water right, and a 5-10 mph wind that slightly into us and coming from the right. This is a shot that scares the crap out of beginners and even …

The Golf Drill GuruSmart Golf 101: Well Guarded, Windy Par 3
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3 Tips to Playing Wedges in the Wind

It’s the fall golf season up in Canada, and with it usually comes some windy days out on the course. Wind can wreak havoc throughout your game if you’re not ready to play in it. Wedges in particular are extremely tough to keep on line in the blowing wind. These shots hit the ball high, without much speed behind them, …

The Golf Drill Guru3 Tips to Playing Wedges in the Wind
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Bombing Your Drives – An Infographic

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  We’ve been sent a truly informative and interesting infographic that should help provide all golfers no matter their skill level some direction on hitting the ball further, including plenty of exercises and stretching techniques.  We had to share it with you.  Special thanks to for this cool piece.  Enjoy it below!

The Golf Drill GuruBombing Your Drives – An Infographic
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Golf Tips off Different Types of Golf Grass

Few golfers know what kind of grass their playing on, let alone how the grass has an impact on their games from tee to green. Pros on the other hand are very aware of this change, and can and do make adjustments to their equipment, swings and technique to help better their chances of scoring well. In this article we’ll …

The Golf Drill GuruGolf Tips off Different Types of Golf Grass
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Teaching your Kids Golf – The Full Swing Part 3

In this lesson, we’ll teach you how to teach your kids the full swing.
To start off, you must reinforce the last two lessons on both putting and chipping. An easy way to demonstrate this, is by grabbing an iron and showing kids the putting stroke, and gradually swing bigger until you’re chipping, and then slowly progress to a full swing. …

The Golf Drill GuruTeaching your Kids Golf – The Full Swing Part 3
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Teaching Your Kids Golf Part 1 – Putting

As a former golf professional and instructor, I have always had a passion for teaching others the game of golf. When I was teaching, I spent a lot of time teaching young kids the game. I really enjoyed teach kids because unlike adults, they rarely had bad tendencies engrained from years of swinging a club incorrectly. Kids can easily be …

The Golf Drill GuruTeaching Your Kids Golf Part 1 – Putting
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Understanding The Sweet Spot In Club Design

Much like center of gravity, you’ll often hear that golf manufacturers have increased their sweet spot by 50% or more from one years designs to the next. But what does this actually mean? What is the sweet spot? Where is it on the club?
First and foremost, I want to dispel one rumor right now. The clubs sweet spot IS NOT …

The Golf Drill GuruUnderstanding The Sweet Spot In Club Design
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Why Your Need A Gap Wedge

Okay, if you didn’t know any better you’d likely think we likely have a wedge fetish or something if you read our last post about lob wedges, but I’ll tell you now, we won’t be making a post on a 64 degree wedge.
Gap wedges used to be hard to find, rarely used, and more or less unrequired for a vast …

The Golf Drill GuruWhy Your Need A Gap Wedge
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Why You Need A Lob Wedge

Walking into any golf shop in town you’ll find iron sets that go from 3-pw or even more commonly now, 4-pw with a hybrid. But why only a pitching wedge? It’s no secret pitching wedges aren’t the pros clubs or choice around the greens, and especially not so from the sand. So why don’t more sets include them? The short …

The Golf Drill GuruWhy You Need A Lob Wedge
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Understanding Center of Gravity In Club Design

You likely read it in just about every new club design description going back twenty years, but what does ‘center of gravity’ exactly mean? And how does it affect your golf game? Well, in a nutshell, center of gravity is important for your trajectory, spin and for keeping off-center shots on line, and on target. In this post we’ll dive …

The Golf Drill GuruUnderstanding Center of Gravity In Club Design