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Golf Fundamentals

Teaching Your Kids Golf Part 1 – Putting


As a former golf professional and instructor, I have always had a passion for teaching others the game of golf. When I was teaching, I spent a lot of time teaching young kids the game. I really enjoyed teach kids because unlike adults, they rarely had bad tendencies engrained from years of swinging a club incorrectly. Kids can easily be ... Read More »

Top 5 Issues Killing Golfers Over 50: Neck Rotation


Today we are going to cover the 5th and final issue killing golfers over 50: poor neck rotation flexibility. If you have a stiff neck, it is impossible to take a powerful backswing without the head moving a lot. The more the head moves in the backswing, the more difficult it will be to make clean contact with the golf ... Read More »

The Importance Of Ball Position


Ball position is one of the simplest and most underestimated factors affecting golf swings of most amateur players. It not only can have an effect on contact, but it can also affect your swing path into the ball.  In the video below we walk through the basics behind ball position and where it should be located in your stance in ... Read More »

Fundamentals of Putting


Putting Fundamentals The simple task of rolling a golf ball to a hole a certain distance away, would be considered by most to be the easiest skill to learn in golf. On the other hand, it tends to be one of the least practiced parts of the game, and therefore one of the biggest contributors to additional strokes on the ... Read More »

Fundamentals of Chipping

Chipping Fundamentals Ever been told you scoop your chips? Hit a lot of chip shots fat? I can tell you why. One of the most interesting aspects of professional players around the greens is how simple they make even the toughest shots look. The truth is, chipping in on of the simplest shots in golf. Tiger’s chip-in on the 16th ... Read More »

Fundamentals of Sand Play


Sand Fundamentals Invented by Gene Sarazen, and first used in public at the 1932 British Open, the sand wedge has come along way since its beginning. It has become a must have for all players trying to get their ball out of those dreaded holes in the ground filled with sand. With technology nowadays professional golfer’s sometime aim for bunkers ... Read More »

Body Positioning Fundamentals


Body Position Fundamentals Proper body position, is an essential start to a good golf swing. It creates balance and support and is the framework that a good swing is built on.   Viewed From Down the Target Line • You should be bent over at the hips (think about sticking your butt out to get into the proper position). • ... Read More »

Stance Fundamentals

Stance Fundamentals During your tee shots or with your woods, your stance should be a little wider than shoulder width (measured by the inside of your heels). I recommend turning your lead foot towards the target slightly, while keeping your trailing foot perpendicular to the target line. By keeping your trailing foot square to your target, you are reducing hip ... Read More »

Aim and Alignment

Aim and Alignment There is a common misconception about aiming towards your target by lining your feet up to it. If you sit back and think about alignment, the clubface hits the golf ball to the target, so shouldn’t that be aligned to the target, instead of your feet? The truth is your feet should be lined up parallel to ... Read More »

Swing Ball Flight Law Fundamentals


  Description of Swing Paths Clubface Angles There are three angles the clubface can be positioned at impact, closed, square and open. 1)Closed Clubface        2)Square Clubface      3)Open Clubface Swing Paths The clubhead can move through the ball on three different paths when coming into impact with the ball. First, it can travel along the target ... Read More »