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Top 3 Faults Caused By Standing Too Close To The Ball


Sometimes it’s the simplest things that cause the most problems in the golf swing. The mis-step of standing too close to the ball at address can lead to a whole host of swing problems. This is likely why this is one of the toughest games in the world to master. The act of standing too close to the ball can ... Read More »

2-Ball Shank Drill

Shanks have a variety of causes, but nearly all of them are swing path related. Whether you shank the ball by coming over the top, or letting the club drift away from you at impact – your swing path is ultimately the source of your problems. In this drill, we focus on a shank that is caused by a club ... Read More »

Shank It, To Fix It.


The dreaded shank – hosel rocket, el hosel, shankapotamus, socketing, shanks for the memories. Many consider it the worst shot in golf. Arguably, most golfers admit that it is not technically a “golf shot” because it’s an unintentional action not a purposeful shot. Answers.com defines the shank as: “Hitting the golf ball with the heel of the club, causing the ball ... Read More »

3 Cause and Fixes for The Shank


The shanks are not a laughing matter (except for your playing buddies, when you choke, and shank one from the fairway of 18). For many of us, “getting the shanks” is a plague to our morale, and handicaps. For others, a shanked shot, is a “whoops” and the game goes on. Regardless of what group you’re in, understanding the causes ... Read More »

How to Cure Your Shank


We all hate hitting a shank. The root cause of it is a weight-shift issue. I’m not talking about the normal weight shift as you swing into the ball, but a weight shift towards the ball. The problems source lies in the feet… and the movement is so miniscule, it’s hard to believe it can be such a problem. Read More »

Stop Shanking Checklist

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by – we’ve got a quick little post today. The shank plagues many of us; quite often it creeps into our swing when we are in high-pressure situations. This is when fundamentals are key. Ensuring you’re the proper distance from the ball and your weight is properly balanced is key to avoiding the shank. ‘The ... Read More »

Video: Shanking & Fanning the Club

Enjoy this great video lesson to help fix your shank. For those of you who often fan the club open on the backswing… also known as rolling your wrists open, this drill is for you! Don't miss this one.  Read More »

Anti-Shank Drill


Anti-Shank Drill I’ve been getting a lot of mail lately about any good cures for a shank. I hate even typing the word, but this post is to all those readers! The shank is like a virus in the fact that once you catch it, you can’t seem to get rid of it. It’s by far the most frustrating and ... Read More »

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