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Slicers, Don’t Aim Left

Let me ask you something… how many of you slicers out there have tried to counteract it by aiming further left?
Does it help?
To be honest this ‘tip’ does as much good as telling someone to just swing faster in order to gain extra yards. On the rare occasion you do make solid, square contact; your ball is so far in …

The Golf Drill GuruSlicers, Don’t Aim Left

10 Quick Ways to Fix your Slice

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  We’ve made a list of 10 quick ways to fix your slice.  I’m sure many of you out there suffer from a slice, I’ve given you ten quick and easy things to try and fixes this dreaded fault.  Give these a shot. Enjoy!

The Golf Drill Guru10 Quick Ways to Fix your Slice

Four Drills to Help Release Your Wrists

Releasing the club through impact is imperative in creating distance, spin and creating solid square contact. Many players who suffer from a slice tend to have issues in releasing the club properly through impact. A good way to catch yourself resisting the release is to check the position of your lead elbow post impact. If your lead …

The Golf Drill GuruFour Drills to Help Release Your Wrists

Cure Your Slice From Your Knees

This particular drill can be used for two different purposes, one to help fix your slice, and the other to reduce your lower body movement (which occasionally can also lead to a slice). In regards to specifically fixing your slice, swinging from your knees will promote a flatter more baseball-like swing path into the ball. This should …

The Golf Drill GuruCure Your Slice From Your Knees

Fix Your Over-the-Top Slice

One of the most common causes of your slice is an over-the-top move on the downswing. Most golfers don’t know the difference, but this move actually causes a different type of slice – a pull slice. It’s a slice that starts left of your target and quickly turns right – it dramatically reduces your distance and power.
The over-the-top …

The Golf Drill GuruFix Your Over-the-Top Slice

3 Easy Slicing Fixes

9 out of 10 golfers suffer from a slice. As common as the fault is, there is only one cause – an open clubface at impact. Here are three easy quick fixes to help stop your slice in a hurry. Use them if need be on the course, for a mid-game fix, but I would highly recommend trying to groove …

The Golf Drill Guru3 Easy Slicing Fixes

Follow-Through Releasing Drills

I’ve received many questions and e-mails regarding drills to help release the club more effectively. To all those readers, listen up!

The Golf Drill GuruFollow-Through Releasing Drills

Slicing it High, Slicing it Low – Find your Fix!

By now, have you have learned how to work your way around a golf course.  Whether you suffer from a pull, a slice, a hook, or a push – you’ve learned to live with your mistakes, and have made swing changes to better your chances of keeping the ball in play.  In this post were going to talk about two …

The Golf Drill GuruSlicing it High, Slicing it Low – Find your Fix!

Slice Quick Fix

The slice is the most common ball flight seen amongst amateur golfers… most of which have a no clue why it’s happening in the first place. They blame their clubs, their lack of talent, or some other technical detail without actually understanding the physics behind a slice.

The Golf Drill GuruSlice Quick Fix

Extra Strong No-Slice Grip

One of the most common causes of a slice is a weaker grip… now remember, the term “weaker” has no reference to grip pressure… it simple refers to your hands positioning on the grip. Your grip is considered weak when your trailing hand is on top of the club at address, or as it is more commonly described as having …

The Golf Drill GuruExtra Strong No-Slice Grip