Chipping with Control

When faced with short chip shots around the green, you should be getting up and down with ease. I like to consider a short-chip shot like this, as a modified putt.
Here are some suggestions to help make these short chips more automatic.
1) Choke Down – For this short shot, you will need the added control and reduced power …

The Golf Drill GuruChipping with Control
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Y Chipping Drill

The most common fault I see with amateurs and their chipping is that they try to scoop the ball at impact. The main problem with scooping is that it causes inconsistency. To scoop at chip shot, you have to add a lot extra wrist movements, this is asking for trouble. A good mental image you should envision when chipping is …

The Golf Drill GuruY Chipping Drill

Triangle Chipping Drill

Over 60% of the shots you make on the golf course are from 100 yards and in. Improving your short game is the best way to lower your scores. Consistency is the key to a solid short game. Having a repeatable, reliable chipping stroke will help you learn how to gauge distances better, judge the spin and …

The Golf Drill GuruTriangle Chipping Drill

The SW Chipping Mentality

The mentality that the sand wedge is the one and only club to chip with is a common mistake among amateur golfers. I see many players use their sand wedge to chip from everywhere – anything from a shot over a tree to a tight pin, to a back pin from a tight fringe lie. Don’t get me …

The Golf Drill GuruThe SW Chipping Mentality

Stroke Saving Chipping Drill

Poor chippers setup with their weight on their back foot and make a flippy, wristy stroke at the ball. Good chippers on the other hand, know that solid contact is of the utmost importance when it comes to chipping. This drill really helps with contact.
The next time you’re out practicing your chipping – setup with your body weight resting on …

The Golf Drill GuruStroke Saving Chipping Drill

The Do's and Don'ts of Chipping

A solid short game can save you over 10 shots a round… that turns your measly 85 into a round that hovers around par. All this takes is solid fundamentals, feel and good imagination. To get to this point however, takes a lot of creative practice in every situation, with every club you could possibly think of. So, before you …

The Golf Drill GuruThe Do's and Don'ts of Chipping
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Pencil Chipping Drill

Unlike the full swing, the wrists play a minimal role when it comes to most chip shots. Flop shot excluded, your chipping stroke should be controlled simply by the movement of your shoulders, much like a putt.

The Golf Drill GuruPencil Chipping Drill

Freeze The Wrists When Chipping

Chipping from just off the green is a lot simpler than most amateurs make it look. For them, judging distance is more like playing the lottery.

The Golf Drill GuruFreeze The Wrists When Chipping

No Wrist Chipping Drill

One of the biggest faults my students suffer from while chipping is over-active wrists. A chip shot should be considered a putt, but with a wedge. Despite having the ball slightly farther back in your stance, the swing motions are identical.

The Golf Drill GuruNo Wrist Chipping Drill

Chipping Trough – Improve your Chipping

If you suffer from inconsistent contact and tend to either pull or push your chip shots, you’re not alone. Many of my students struggle with short shots around the green.

The Golf Drill GuruChipping Trough – Improve your Chipping