Putting Tips

Quit Chunking The Putter


First and foremost, yes that is “Chunk” from the Goonies… moving on… A chunked putt is incredibly frustrating and ultimately costs your strokes. It happens to all of us from time to time, and the root cause is nearly always the same. And that is a drop in spine angle. Spine angle can change in a number of ways to ... Read More »

Focus on the Cup


Putting can one of the most infuriating parts of the game despite its simplicity. For those of you suffering from the yips or simply looking for a new way to try and reprogram your putting stroke here’s a drill you can try to help out. For most players struggling with their putting, its not their feel thats the problem, it’s ... Read More »

3 Simple Yip Cures You’ve Likely Never Tried


I hate the yips. It seems that every two years or so, after missing a couple of short putts – my mind goes into “don’t miss it” mode, and I’m faced with another couple weeks of awful, yip-filled rounds of golf. Now I guess I really shouldn’t complain, I’ve heard the horror stories of players quitting the game because their ... Read More »

The Putting Yips Reboot

For those of you who suffer from the yips, it doesn’t seem to matter what “cure” you try, because nothing works. What you have to realize is that the yips is a mental issue, not a swing fault. Your brain is telling your wrists to twitch before impact, because your brain is not 100% sure of the putt you’re about ... Read More »

How to Make Short Putts

The number one reason why amateurs miss short putts is deceleration. This symptom can creep up in many parts of your game, especially with chipping and putting. If you notice yourself stubbing chips and putts, or have trouble making all your short putts, I would bet you’re decelerating into impact. I cannot stress enough the importance of acceleration when putting ... Read More »

Do the Dew!

In putting, there are very few similarities from one player to the next. This is because putting is all about ‘feel’. Some players have good feel around the greens; others don’t. For those who have trouble, being able to see the line of the putt, the subtle breaks and path towards the hole can be very beneficial.  Instead of having ... Read More »

How to Make the Perfect Putting Grip


I was teaching a student last week, and was asked this question. My answer was simple – “there is no perfect putting grip”. As long you incorporate some basic grip fundamentals, your putting grip can be as unique as your swing. This fact is proven on tour, where you will see a multitude of different grips being employed. Read More »

The Forward Press – Good or Bad?


A forward press is a swing technique many golfers use to initiate there stroke. Most commonly seen in chipping and putting, it’s a simple movement of the hands towards the target before a stroke starts. The question is, is this a good or bad habit?   Read More »

Hit & Resist Putting Drill


Quite often I see players who suffer from unwanted body movements throughout their putting stroke. This fault leads to missed putts of all distances, often caused by the face angle of the putter being either open or closed at impact. Read More »

The Truth About the Putting Yips

We all know golf is very much a mental game. The brain has a profound effect on the results of each and every one of our shots. A fine example is to look more closely at a common problem like the yips. If you don't already know, the yips are involuntary wrist and arm twitches right before impact, which can ... Read More »