Sand Tips

The Importance of a Shallow Bunker Stroke

The best players in the game employ an out to in swing path for their bunker shots. Much like Furyk’s “loopy” swing (but less dramatic) good bunker players swing out to in to attack the pall from an ideal angle. A normal swing path tends to produce an angle of attack that is too steep, and can result in either ... Read More »

1234 Greenside Bunker Drill


Getting the ball out of a bunker effectively is a difficult concept to master. To do so a player must understand the specific differences between a sand shot and a normal shot. The swings are completely different, setup is different, and contact is very different. This drill will specifically help your setup and swing path into the ball, an essential ... Read More »

The 3 Secrets to Solid Bunker Play

The sand trap. This simple course feature has been a thorn in the side of many golfers, especially beginners. More often than not, a professional however, relishes the chance to hit from a greenside bunker when faced with the alterative of a chip from deep rough. Why? Because, with a few simple rules, hitting a bunker shot is rather easy. ... Read More »

The Bunker Board Drill

How many of you struggle getting out of the sand consistently? How often do you actually manage to get up and down from the sand? Bunkers are usually considered hazards you want to avoid, but with a little practice and confidence, you can play from bunkers like you can chip around the greens. Read More »

Quiet Lower Body – Sand Faults and Fixes

Bunker shots should be controlled almost entirely by your arms, not your body. This applies to nearly ever bunker shot, from fairway to greenside bunkers. This especially relates to bunker shots from uneven lies. Why? Well, for the same reason that you dig your feet into the sand in the first place… balance and stability.  Sand is an uneven, unstable ... Read More »

Deadly Sand Mistakes


The single most important factor in judging distance in sand play is the length of your backswing. Your swing speed should not be rushed or slowed down in attempts to make the ball go the right distance. Read More »

The Cock & Pop Swing – Fried Egg Lies

Although fried eggs sound good on your breakfast table, they are a sad sight out on the golf course.  The fried egg I'm referring to is the plugged lies you occasionally get in bunkers, with a crater of sand surrounding your ball.  They can be hell to get out of with any sort of accuracy and spin.  I want to ... Read More »

Bunker Tee Drill

Greenside bunker shots create a lot of frustration for players of all skill levels. Beginners tend to chop the ball out of the sand; this creates a very steep angle of approach. Angle of approach refers to the angle at which the club meets the ball. Read More »