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How To Avoid Pop-ups

A Simple Drill An Over-The-Top Steep Swing Path


If anyone has ever given you hard time after skying a tee-shot with a comment like ‘I hope you brought your defroster’ then you’ll enjoy this next drill. Skied tee shots and chunks are often caused by the same swing fault — and over-the-top, steep downswing.  Since a large majority of the golfing population suffers from some degree of an ... Read More »

Fix Getting Underneath It

Many players suffer from fat shots. Instead of laying the sod over the ball, quite often you can get underneath the ball and pop it up, or sky it. The ultimate symptom that causes this swing fault is an overly steep swing into impact. As this video shows, the most common fault for such a steep swing is poor ball ... Read More »

Practice Swing Drill – Fix your Pop-Up and Skies!

Practice Swing Drill ~ Fix your Pop-Up and Skies! Problem: The player’s weight tends to remain on the front foot into the downswing. Result: The swing becomes extremely steep, and tends to travel out to in. Especially with woods, this problem tends to lead to a shot that goes extremely high, and doesn’t travel very far (pop-up). The Drill: My ... Read More »

Ball Sweep Drill – Cure your Pull and Pop-Ups


There is one major difference between the proper swing for a driver, and for an iron. That difference is the angle of attack. The angle of attack refers to the angle at which the club is coming at the ball into impact. For irons this angle should be steeper, as to help get the ball into the air with lots ... Read More »