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How To Fix Fat Shots

How to Reduce Your Head Movement & Eliminate Fat Shots

For most players, extra head movement during the swing is a nuisance. It can result in inconsistent contact, and quite often lead to fat shots. The players on tour that get away with extra head movement, like Jim Furyk, get away with it because they are able to maintain a consistent spine angle throughout their swing. This type of swing ... Read More »

How to Maintain your Spine Angle

If you’re one of those players who often hits thin, topped, skulled, fat or even shots off the heel, bottom groove or toe of the club, your spine angle is likely to blame for your inconsistency. Truth be told, the age old adage of “not looking up” isn’t necessary if you can retain your spine angle – case and point, ... Read More »

Line Drill — Cure your Fat Shots

The constant talk about the secrets of the pro’s has always given me a bit of a laugh. First of all, the golf swing is no secret, nor is anything the pro’s can do with their swings. The secret is actual being able to perform the moves we all talk about. For example, creating lag; more than half the golfing ... Read More »

Hit Down on It Drill – Stop Hitting it Fat!

As a kid, I heard the saying ‘hit down on the ball to make it get airborne’ many times. I’m sure many of you have heard it yourselves. The whole concept of hitting down on the ball was quite a difficult thing to understand. I’m sure that to this day many of you think that scooping your wrists is the ... Read More »