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Top 3 Faults Caused By Standing Too Close To The Ball


Sometimes it’s the simplest things that cause the most problems in the golf swing. The mis-step of standing too close to the ball at address can lead to a whole host of swing problems. This is likely why this is one of the toughest games in the world to master. The act of standing too close to the ball can ... Read More »

Cross Drill – Fine Tune Your Swing Path

Golf Cross Drill

Most players out there have a natural shape to their ball flight, whether that be a straight (lucky you), fade or a draw. I for one, play a draw, despite having an affair with a nice fade a few years back (ironically, when I was playing my best golf too). While I can talk endlessly about causes of each, this ... Read More »

A Simple Drill An Over-The-Top Steep Swing Path


If anyone has ever given you hard time after skying a tee-shot with a comment like ‘I hope you brought your defroster’ then you’ll enjoy this next drill. Skied tee shots and chunks are often caused by the same swing fault — and over-the-top, steep downswing.  Since a large majority of the golfing population suffers from some degree of an ... Read More »

Pull Slice? Try a The Sidehill Drill


The fault being demonstrated by the lines in this picture is called coming over-the-top. This classic fault is very common with slicers, and is most often characterized by a big looping slice that starts left of the target line (right-handers anyway). This move, of hacking down at the ball from a vertical position with the arms and upper body results ... Read More »

Figure 8 – Fix Your Pull Drill

One of the best ways to fix an over-the-top swing is to exaggerate the exact opposite move.  This drill is designed to do exactly that and force an in to out swing path.  It’s a very effective drill – have a look at the video and description below on how to perform it.   Read More »

Fix your Push, Pull or Shank with only a Range Bucket

Many swing faults are caused by an incorrect club path into the ball. Whether you pull it (over-the-top), push / block it (in to out) or shank it (either or), your swing path is to blame. There are many drills on this site that can help you fix any of these faults, but today I want to go over some ... Read More »

Quit Coming Over-the-Top and Save $60


Who has seen that infomercial for the Inside Approach or the Path Pro? Trust me, if you have The Golf Channel you’ve seen it, its a little foam bar that can be used to help players rid their swings of that dreaded over-the-top / slice move. Anyway, I have used something similar in my lessons to help my students with ... Read More »

45º Ball Drill – Stop Coming Over-The-Top

Your over-the-top move can have many causes – most commonly though, it stems from poor fundamentals. Regardless your over-the-top move travels on an out to in swing path and to help fix this, we need to get you swinging the opposite direction – in to out. The in to out swing path will help you get into the slot, fight ... Read More »

Fix The Double Cross

Picture this…You’re sitting on the right hand side of the fairway, of a dog-leg right hole and the pin is just hiding behind the trees. You have 160 yards to the pin and will need to hit a 10-15 yards fade to avoid the trees on the right. You’re a little worried because if you hit the shot straight, you’ll ... Read More »

Top 5 Most Common Faults Causing You To Come Over-The-Top

The hack shot, coming over the top, rushing the downswing… all of these sayings are used to describe the same out to in downswing path that affects millions of golfers. This dreaded fault has many causes, which makes curing it difficult as drills will help some players but not others. I highly recommend video taping and analyzing your swing on ... Read More »

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