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Cross Drill – Fine Tune Your Swing Path

Golf Cross Drill

Most players out there have a natural shape to their ball flight, whether that be a straight (lucky you), fade or a draw. I for one, play a draw, despite having an affair with a nice fade a few years back (ironically, when I was playing my best golf too). While I can talk endlessly about causes of each, this ... Read More »

The Hip Coil Drill


One of the most common power leaks in the golf swing is an over-active lower body. For some players, instead of coiling their body to generate power, they resort to sliding their hips laterally. This fault is a huge contributor to inconsistency at impact, and often big swooping block slices. If you’ve ever stepped up to a ball and let ... Read More »

Bucket in Knees Stabilization Drill


I myself have used this drill many times to help stabilize my lower body. It’s really is amazing how easily it helps to fix an over-active lower body. By placing a bucket between your thighs, right above your knees (as shown), you can really minimize the movement allowed by your lower body (remember to pinch your knees inwards to hold the ... Read More »

Stop Sliding Drill ~ Cure your Push

You reach a short par 5, you’re playing well but could really use another birdie. You address the ball and swing a little harder than normal, thinking about reaching the green in two.  You make your swing, you finish, and watch your tee-shot sail way into the trees on the right. Sound familiar? It does for me, especially when I ... Read More »

Feet Together Push Drill


Players who tend to push the ball likely have an in to out swing path into impact. This is usually created by an over-active lower body, and a slower moving upper body.  A great drill to help reduce your lower body movement is the leg together drill: With a 7 iron on the driving range, place your feet together as ... Read More »

Chair Drill For Spine Stability & Blocks

Problem: Thousands of junior golfers can relate to this problem – in attempts to gain more distance, they all move their hips so forcefully into impact that they cannot maintain their spine angle. The result is often a block / push. Maintaining your spine angle throughout your swing is the key to unlocking your consistency. This simple drill using a ... Read More »

Hitting Blocks? Check your Hips

Often I find junior golfers have an issue with sliding their hips on the downswing in attempts to get extra distance.  Unfortunately this causes your spine angle to change leading to anything from pop-ups to big blocks.  The biggest problem with this fault is that after awhile, this fault becomes ingrained, and then very difficult to get rid of. Read More »

Double Shaft Path Fixer Drill

Stemming from last week’s drill on fixing your pull with the Double Shaft Path Fixer Drill, here is another version of the drill that will help you with your block. The only difference is the placement of the shafts. Read More »

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