Kickstarter has become a bankroll for some pretty cool projects lately – video games, 3D printers and even movies. It’s amazing to see the amount of money certain projects have raised and the types of ideas people have. But I’ll be honest.. I’m not a real “technological wizard”. The idea of putting money into a new video game about hobbits and gnomes doesn’t excite me nor does the opportunity to have a 3D printer on my desk. A dog powered beer cart on the other hand… that’s something I can throw my support behind.┬áDanny Blodgett from Utica, Michigan… you’re onto something!

Ok let’s quickly go through some of the things that make this awesome…

  • He adopted an abused dog
  • He’s drinking a beer while demonstrating the product
  • He lists Iron Man 2 as one of his inspirations
  • You only need a college degree to put his prototype together
  • It’s a beer cart pulled by a dog

I’m in.

If “legit” inventions and ideas are more your style, check out the Zen Bloodhound putter. Some interesting stuff… and there’s a cool rocket car!

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One Thought on “Now Here’s Something to Get Behind

  1. D Wilder on May 12, 2014 at 4:07 pm said:

    Now here’s something to get behind

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