Textron, a billion dollar company and the parent to EZ-Go Golf carts has recently developed a budget version to replace the expensive F-16′s.  EZ-Go golf cart designers and AirLand Entreprises partnered up to develop the plane which is said to be able to save the military $22,500 per hour over the current F16 projected operating costs.  This project was developed without government funding.

The Scorpion is said to carry 3,000 pounds of weapons at speeds up to 517 mph. Nice to see golf cart companies trying new innovative things. Have a look at the full article here.

Adams Golf XTD

Adams Golf recently appeared on the USGA conforming list this past Monday with their new Adams XTD Driver (pic shown below). Looking deeper into the new line we found some spy pics over at Golfwrx, of the new XTD forged irons (which are stunning btw), hybrids and fairway woods line.  Adams has continued the trend with speed slot technology, and now have an iron that features the same style of slot as the original RocketBladez irons.  Word on the street is the new woods line had to be thickened slightly so that the drivers would fit into the COR restrictions set by the USGA (0.83).  Looks like great things are coming from Adams again this year (they rarely disappoint).

Enjoy the pictures below!

Adams Golf XTD Adams Golf XTD Adams Golf XTD Adams Golf XTD Adams Golf XTD


After the success Matrix had after launching their OZIK line that featured three distinct and different launch profiles – The M3 Black Tie, Q3 Red Tie and X3 White Tie. Matrix decided to launch a similar line for hybrids. This new line consists of the:

OZIK HM3 Altus – low launching and low-spinning
OZIK HQ3 Altus – mid-launching and mid-spinning
OZIK HX3 Altus – high-launching and low-spinning

These shafts cosmetically mirrors the woods line in the same black, red and white base coats. These shafts debuted back at the Barclays tournament and available to the public through a certified Matrix Dealer. These shafts are currently stock in a number of hybrid club including the Adams IDEA Super DHY. Expect to see the Q3 version in 2014. We’ll share specs and details when they become available, but most likely these are a Asia release for now.  Stay tuned!

TaylorMade SpeedBlades

Taylormade is at it again, as they officially released their new Speedbladez irons for the 2014 season.  After their launch of the Rocketbladez irons last season and the speed pocket technology, Taylormade up the ante with the next version… although we’re not exactly sure by how much.  These new irons feature a similar speed pocket to the Rocketbladez (although slightly larger), but with a lower centre of gravity and increased weight on the heel and toe to promote straighter shots even from off-centre contact.   These irons are game-improvement clubs that feature quite a heavy topline that thins as you go down to the shorter irons. The wedges to this set are the SpeedBlade Attack Wedge (50°), Sand Wedge (55°) and Lob Wedge (60°), which have a classic tour shape and blade construction. We don’t expect many tour players to jump on board this bandwagon until the actual blades are launched.

Taylormade launched these irons last week at the BMW Championship, where their big names – Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose and Jason day had a media event nailing these irons down the range.  Including a 271 yard 4-iron by Dustin Johnson.

These new irons will be available in October this year and retail around $800.  See the launch video and images below!


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fencesBack in July, Muirfield Village constructed a 5 foot high fence around the property, much to the dismay and anger of local residents. They say the pointy tipped fence looks more like that for a graveyard and not a golf course. They say they bought their homes for access to the parklike setting, and don’t like that they are now being treated as if their outcasts to this beautiful area.

But what they definitely didn’t expect were the dead deer.

Over the past month one deer was impaled on the fence, while another broke it’s leg and had to be put down. Dublin, Oh residents are up in arms for multiple reasons, and are using the power of social media to make some noise. Locals say their beef with the Golden bear comes down to the fact that the city has long been a haven of people who love the game of the golf, and they value the fact that their city has been developed with open spaces, 20 miles of biking paths, community parks and frankly full access

Furthermore there was a similar incident where a child was impaled by a similar style fence when he tried to get his football that flew over it. Jack’s team is adamant that the fences purpose is to help with the crowds of this years upcoming Presidents Cup, however since this is destined to be a permanent fixture along the course boundaries, it’s tough to determine whether thats its sole purpose. Local residents have been in a 5-month battle with Jack and his representatives, and are going so far as to bring out PETA members to protest at the tournament in October.

The course is already looking at options to cover the poles as shown in the image to the right.  For more details on this issue and images – be sure to visit their Facebook Page here: Keep Muirfield Beautiful.


Cleveland 588 Drivers

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Cleveland recently tested out some new drivers with the USGA – the Cleveland Custom 588 and Cleveland Altitude 588. In a variety of lofts and right/left handed.  The altitude appears to be a model for slower swing speeds and mid-high handicaps,   the 588 custom driver for lower handicaps.  The Cleveland 588 Custom driver even features a heel weight and shaft changing options.

See the pictures below!  We’ll be sure to update you as new details come in.

Cleveland 588 Drivers Cleveland 588 Drivers Cleveland 588 Drivers



It appears as though the 2014 golf season is going to be the year of sliders, SLDR or tracks.  Whatever you want to call it, three major OEM’s have launched drivers with a movable weight that can effectively help you change the location of the center of gravity on your club as well as affect the way the face reacts coming into impact.  First to this new technology is actually the Mizuno MP630 driver, which didn’t make too much noise last season. Then Taylormade launched their SLDR driver, last just about a month ago.  Now, we’ve seen Callaway also has their hand in the slider department, with a recent spy pic of a Callaway prototype that has just surfaced online.

With all this hoopla, its no wonder the trademark office has seen a frenzy of trademarks being filed for any word remotely ‘slider-like’. And while Callaway and Taylormade like to fight it out, it’s funny that Mizuno in fact can say – “I did it first”. Looks like this is a new trend in the industry, so lets hold on to our hats for 2014. Enjoy the spy pic below from GolfWRX.

Callaway 2014 Slider prototype  taylormade-sldr-drivermizuno_mp-630_driver


The winningest shaft on tour is coming back! Fujikura recently announced they will be bringing back the Speeder 757, a shaft that was long touted as the most iconic and wanted shaft on the market for many years.  Since its launch in 1998, the Speeder has yet to leave the tour. But if you’re thinking you’re going to get this revamped-1998 technology cheaply, think again.  This re-launched version will cost you $400 starting in October 1st.

Here’s what Fujikura had to say about the performance of this new shaft.

“The new Motore Speeder757 (and other 3 profiles available) makes more use of our proprietary Triax Core technology. Essentially, we have been able to re-engineer the structure to use stronger materials, which allows for less resin, which has allowed us to incorporate the TCT technology into the inside layer of the shaft, enhancing the effects. How does this translate into real benefits for the golfer you ask? Unparalleled SPEED, DISTANCE and STABILITY.” 


As many of you know, Ping Golf has recently released picture of their new S55 irons.  They were released at this weeks Barclay’s Championship, where the clubs where made available to staff players to test out. Only limited details have been released on these irons and the rest of the info is still up to interpretation, until Ping fills in the blanks.  The new S55 irons are very similar looking to their S56 predecessor, and are geared more or less to the exact same type of player – lower handicapped and accomplished players.

In terms of design, these clubs are very similar, being almost identical in size. The S55 are made with 17-4 stainless steel, much like their predecessor, but feature a much lighter look. The new irons feature a tungsten toe, and thinner face, designed to increase ball speed overall and move the sweet spot close to the centre of the face and further from the heel.

Here’s a comparison of the two irons side by side:

Ping-S56-vs-Ping S55

Ping worked to lower the center of gravity quite significantly in these new irons, especially in the long irons, which allowed them to strengthen the lofts by one degree. Some pro requests involved workability and Ping also tried to include features in these irons to help. One of the key differences between these two irons are the stabilization bars behind the face.  The S56 irons feature two bars, whereas the S55 only has one, and much thinner at that.  This likely helped lower the CoG even more.  The shorter irons have a larger stabilization bar to help keep down the ball.

This combination of a new lower center of gravity, thinner face and weight distribution has given these irons a great feel. We’d expect the irons to retail around the $1,000 mark, and will go on sale November 1st.