Nakashima Golf Unveils New Wedge

Wow…. a big day for emails! It’s like shoveling snow in a blizzard… just when you get some done you have to do it again. Some awesome emails though and we will get back to all of you by tomorrow night! Thanks!!

SirShanksAlotNakashima Golf Unveils New Wedge

Phil’s Bag Not 100% Callaway Golf

Well I did some digging on the new TaylorMade fairway wood today… and I have it narrowed down to 2 possibilities. It is either going to be the TaylorMade V-Steel II (currently used on Tour) or the TaylorMade R7 Fairway.

SirShanksAlotPhil’s Bag Not 100% Callaway Golf

Lots Of Good Golf News From SirPuttsAlot

I just got a good email from SirPuttsAlot so I thought I would post it. He had a bunch of product sessions this weekend and there are some good odds and ends here. This won’t be the only update of the day.. I’m off today so you will see more later!

SirShanksAlotLots Of Good Golf News From SirPuttsAlot

Izzo Z-Lite Stand Bag

I have just put up the newest addition to the Golf Club Buying Guide Section. Check out Let’s Go Shopping! and read about all the different retail options golfers have when shopping for new equipment.

SirShanksAlotIzzo Z-Lite Stand Bag

Let’s Go Shopping! – But Where Should We Go?

So you've now got a pretty good idea of your game and what you should be looking for. Now we need to get out there and shop.

SirShanksAlotLet’s Go Shopping! – But Where Should We Go?

Black Nike Golf Balls Coming To Retail

It was a good weekend for Callaway Golf. Staff players Craig Parry and Phil Mickelson both won using Callaway products. I was pretty impressed but Kevin Na too. I think he has a bright future ahead of him!

SirShanksAlotBlack Nike Golf Balls Coming To Retail

Fall From the Top – David Duval

It sure doesn't feel like that long ago the David Duval was on top of the world. After battling back and forth with Tiger Woods for the number one world rank, Duval captured his first major at the 2001 British Open. He had won thirteen times on the tour and then something happened that has ruined the man as a …

SirShanksAlotFall From the Top – David Duval

China Cracking Down On Fake Golf Clubs

SirPuttsAlot has a new Rant up. This week he talks about David Duval and his recent struggles. I have a soft spot for Duval… I was at the Open Championship in 2001 when he won. I wasn’t a huge fan but he started to grow on me a bit. I agree with SirPuttsAlot here though, I think David needs to …

SirShanksAlotChina Cracking Down On Fake Golf Clubs

Natalie Gulbis Staying With TaylorMade

There are a few new Player Profiles up today for your reading enjoyment. Check out John Daly and our very own SirPuttsAlot now! Sounds like SirPuttsAlot has quite a club collection… too bad he can’t hit them. Just kidding… actually he is a very, very good ball striker. My bag for the upcoming golf season isn’t set in stone yet …

SirShanksAlotNatalie Gulbis Staying With TaylorMade

John Daly Profile

Born: April 28, 1966
Birthplace: Carmichael, California
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Turned Pro: 1987

SirShanksAlotJohn Daly Profile