I Hit It 300 Yards But I Want More Distance

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! Today has been our busiest day ever and we thank you for all your support! Let’s go to the mailbag and answer some questions.

SirShanksAlotI Hit It 300 Yards But I Want More Distance

TaylorMade Putter With Removable Weights

Was it just me or did you get the feeling that Tiger was going to sink that chip on the 16th hole? I guess it is safe to say that Tiger is back (although he never really went anywhere) and it could be a sign of things to come this season. As for our picks…

SirShanksAlotTaylorMade Putter With Removable Weights

Nanotechnology – The Basics

Well that was fun… what’s up with the weather on the PGA Tour this year? Hopefully they can play a bit more tomorrow.

SirShanksAlotNanotechnology – The Basics

SirShanksAlot’s Masters Picks

Hello all! Thanks for stopping by. It’s like Christmas Eve for golfers… the night before the Masters. I guess I will mention my Masters predictions right off the bat. I hate picking favorites… namely any of the “Big Four”. I picked Tiger in my 2005 Predictions but that is too easy. I’ll pick two and an underdog…

SirShanksAlotSirShanksAlot’s Masters Picks

How Do You Forget Your Golf Clubs?

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! A few notes from Augusta… you have probably heard all these already but I will write them anyways..

SirShanksAlotHow Do You Forget Your Golf Clubs?

I Want A Salmon Shirt!

A fun day for golf… some PGA Tour guys are finishing up at the BellSouth Classic while others have already made their way to Augusta. I’m surprised that they even got as much golf in as they did at the BellSouth… that weather was pretty nasty!

SirShanksAlotI Want A Salmon Shirt!

And Now For Some REAL News

Ok, ok, ok… so yesterday’s News and Rumors were far from the truth… but it was April Fools Day! I guess I will have to make it up to you today.

SirShanksAlotAnd Now For Some REAL News

The Masters – Who To Watch For

Of course all the focus going into the Masters is on the Big Four (if you ask me it's Big Five) and deservedly so, especially at Augusta where the winner is almost always near the top of the world rankings.

SirShanksAlotThe Masters – Who To Watch For

Stephen Ames Profile

Born: April 28, 1964
Birthplace: San Fernando, Trinidad
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165 lbs
Turned Pro: 1987

SirShanksAlotStephen Ames Profile

Breaking News – Nike Buys Callaway Golf

Remember way back in December when SirPuttsAlot and I made our predictions for 2005? I thought that Nike would buy Callaway Golf… and I was right. Numerous websites are reporting that Nike has acquired Callaway Golf along with all of it’s subsidiaries (Hogan, Top Flite). Neither company is saying much right now but a news conference is expected this afternoon. …

SirShanksAlotBreaking News – Nike Buys Callaway Golf