Just a few odds and ends today.. Nakashima Golf has added to their new iron line with the introduction of the NP-1 blade. Nakashima had already introduced a game improvement iron a few weeks ago so it was just a matter of time before they brought one out for the better player. Check out the NP-1 at www.nakashimagolf.com . They look awesome! Read More →

Okay if you're like me you have probably given up on the Golf Channel. Sure it's great when there are big tournaments going on, what could be better than around the clock coverage of The Masters or British Open? And I have to admit, as far as reality television goes, The Big Break isn't half-bad. But the rest of the time? Endless, shameless infomercials touting the greatest new product ever introduced. Read More →

The "X" line has been a staple for Callaway Golf for a number of years now. It was the X-12, then the X-14, the X-16 and now the X-18. Each iron brought with it a series of subtle changes but the overall look of the iron remained the same. Was the newer version better than the old one? Maybe. Did it look different than the old one? Yes.


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