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Tensei CK Blue Golf Shaft

MRC Golf Launches the new brand of Tensei Shafts, to now sit side by side with some other popular shaft brands such as Kuro Kage, Diamana, Fubuki & Bassara to name a few. The word Tensei in Japanese means “transformation” in English. It’s major difference from typical shafts is the amount of different materials it contains. While most shafts contain …

The Golf Drill GuruTensei CK Blue Golf Shaft
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How to Avoid Golf Injuries – Tips for Beginners

Taking up a new sport can be highly rewarding, both physically and mentally, but it’s essential to take caution and learn the proper movements to avoid future injury. Like many sports practicing the wrong move can set you up for an injury, which is why professional instruction is always best no matter the sport. One sport that can be particularly …

The Golf Drill GuruHow to Avoid Golf Injuries – Tips for Beginners
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Kuro Kage Black TiNi Wood Shafts

Stemming from the success of the Silver TiNi series, Kuro Kage has recently released a new version of it with a own unique bend profile to fit the demanding needs of golfers. For those looking for stiffer butt, but more flexible tip Kuro Kage launched the Black TiNi series. This new shaft has a noticeably stiffer tip section, which provides …

The Golf Drill GuruKuro Kage Black TiNi Wood Shafts
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The New “Perfect” Grip

“Golf begins with a good grip.” A famous quote by Ben Hogan. This statement couldn’t be any more true. A good grip is the foundation on which a swing should be built on. Without it, you’ll simply be compounding swing faults on top of each other in attempts to combat faults driven by your grip. So let’s get down to …

The Golf Drill GuruThe New “Perfect” Grip
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For the Ladies: XXIO Introduces the Next Generation: XXIO9

Hey there, thanks for coming by again. It’s always exciting to see the game of golfer develop even further, especially in the women’s department.
XXIO introduces their next generation of clubs with the XXIO9 series. These clubs will be available in stores this coming December 8th just in time for the Christmas season. These new clubs will run with a minimum …

KihyaFor the Ladies: XXIO Introduces the Next Generation: XXIO9
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Charge Your Phone Right From Your Golf Cart

There’s a ton of technology out there to help your golf game. There’s golf course GPS, fancy little shaft toppers that help analyze your swing, pocket caddies, and a host of other applications to use. The problem is not with the amount of game assisting technology out there but rather keeping your device charged for the roughly 5 hours it …

KihyaCharge Your Phone Right From Your Golf Cart
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“Blame The Clubs” – 5 Legit Reasons To Do It

My favourite excuse! It’s number one use has to be when your playing and who has buddy forked over a bunch of dough on a new club to fix his slice/shanks/yips, only to slice/shanks/yip on the first hole. Funny thing is, there are some situations where “blaming the clubs” is the right thing to do. No, not to make a …

The Golf Drill Guru“Blame The Clubs” – 5 Legit Reasons To Do It
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XXIO Coming With New Utility Clubs

Hey there, it’s always nice to share these new releases.
XXIO is pleased to announce the release of their new utility clubs from XXIO9, the 9th generation in the XXIO series. The new U3, U4, and U5 clubs will be available for retail purchase this coming December 8th and each club will set you back $279.99 a piece.
Featuring an entirely new …

KihyaXXIO Coming With New Utility Clubs
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XXIO Introduces Their Latest Irons: XXIO9

Hey there – thanks for joining us again. Coming this December 8, XXIO will be introducing their latest in XXIO series with the 9th generation irons. With a recommended advertised price of $1,049.99 for a five club set, which features the XXIO MP900 graphite shaft and a MAP of $849.99 for the same set with steel shafts. Additional and single …

KihyaXXIO Introduces Their Latest Irons: XXIO9
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XXIO Introduces New XXIO9 Driver and Fairway Woods

Hello and thanks for joining us once again. Today we’d like to introduce the 9th generation of the XXIO series, the XXIO9 driver and fairway woods. These new clubs will be available starting December 8, 2015.
The new XXIO9 series clubs feature and entirely new and exciting technology. How does maintaining longer wrist cock without adjusting your swing to create a …

KihyaXXIO Introduces New XXIO9 Driver and Fairway Woods