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Cobra Takes A Stab At the Putter Market

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  We’ve got a bit of news for from the patent office on Cobra golf.  It appears as though they may be diving into the putter marketplace – although we’re not sure this design will help them get the exposure they’re looking for.  Looks pretty plain jane to us.  What are your thoughts?  See some …

The Golf Drill GuruCobra Takes A Stab At the Putter Market
View Post Golf Shaft Directory Released

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  We’re excited to finally announce a much anticipated project of ours.  Until now without knowledge of all the shafts out in the marketplace, it took a lot of legwork to find your perfect shaft.  We have just created a solution.  Out Golf Shaft Directory is a sortable list that will allow you to narrow …

The Golf Drill Golf Shaft Directory Released
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Srixon 725 Z Limited Model

Good afternoon everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Srixon has recently tested two interesting new drivers on the USGA conforming list – a prototype model of the 725 Z driver called the limited model.  Not much to share about these clubs, as we feel the pictures ultimately speak for themselves. One driver offers a interchangeable shaft option, the other does not. …

The Golf Drill GuruSrixon 725 Z Limited Model
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KBS Introduce C-Taper Light Iron Shafts

When KBS launched the original C-Taper iron shafts, we heard tons of comments about how low of a trajectory they produced, and how they really only appealed to players looking to keep their ball flight in check.  When the Tour 90’s came out the opposite was true.  Now it seems KBS has produced a shaft offering that’s the best of both worlds …

The Golf Drill GuruKBS Introduce C-Taper Light Iron Shafts
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Ping G25 Driver Review

Hey everyone thanks for stopping by.  After a brief hiatus while I got a chance to play some rounds of golf with my dad up in the mountains, I’m back at it here on SirShanksAlot.  We hope you’re enjoying the season!  Today, we’re sharing with you another independent review of the Ping G25 Driver. Our reviewer seems to be a …

The Golf Drill GuruPing G25 Driver Review
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Have You Heard The Three About Sergio & Tiger?

Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia are on holiday to Australia together, as part of a PR campaign aimed at getting them to bond and stop feuding. The pair arrive at a beach on a glorious day and decide to go for a swim.
After a while, a lifeguard blares out a message of warning with a megaphone. Everybody runs from the …

The Golf Drill GuruHave You Heard The Three About Sergio & Tiger?
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Let The Sh*t Show Begin

Well as many of you know, the USGA has officially decided to ban anchored putters this week.  While the decision itself won’t come until effect now until January 1st, 2016 instead of 2014 the USGA is getting quite the earful.  We’re jumping on that bandwagon now too.  Kudos USGA, way to flex those muscles.
Here’s what the decision says:
“Note 1:  The …

The Golf Drill GuruLet The Sh*t Show Begin
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Ping G25 Hybrid Review

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by, we’ve got another review to share with your from our friends at Ping. Today we are reviewing their G25 hybrid – and incredibly solid hybrid, that our reviewer really liked.  Keep your eyes on Ping in the new year as we expect to see a G30/G35 models on their way soon.  Enjoy the review …

The Golf Drill GuruPing G25 Hybrid Review
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TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Driver Review

Good afternoon everyone, and thanks for stopping by.  We’ve got another independent review of the new 2013 offering from Taylormade up next – the RocketBallz Stage 2 Driver. This new driver is said to be a leg up on the original Rocketballz, but we’ll let our reviewer take a closer look.  Enjoy!
TaylorMade made their original RocketBallz clubs RocketBallzier with the …

Independent Club ReviewerTaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 Driver Review
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Singh When You’re Winning

Well, the verdict is finally in.
The accused: Vijay Singh, his golf career hanging in the balance.
The accusation: That he used Deer Antler Spray, which contains the Human Growth Hormone IGF-1, in order to boost his performance.  Performance Enhancing Drugs in Golf, you ask? Indeed.
The decision: Singh has been cleared of any wrong-doing.
Why? Well, it seems IGF-1 really needs to be …

Bobby HenniganSingh When You’re Winning