Golf Cross Drill

Most players out there have a natural shape to their ball flight, whether that be a straight (lucky you), fade or a draw. I for one, play a draw, despite having an affair with a nice fade a few years back (ironically, when I was playing my best golf too). While I can talk endlessly about causes of each, this post deals with a particular part of the swing that few golfers realize has an incredible effect on the results of your golf shot – this is called your swing path.

The video below can really help you visualize how your swing path directs the path of your golf ball. As this video explains, an out-to-in swing path (classic over-the-top) will produce pulled shots that start to the left of your target, and depending on your face angle at impact can either move further left, go dead straight left, or fade back to the right. This move is also normally accompanied by an early release of your wrists, which results in a lack of power and distance.

The opposite of this swing fault is an in-to-out swing path that produces pushes, shots that fly right of the target, and again where they end up is dictated by your face angle at impact. While many golfers are likely aware of this, few realize how simple fundamentals like ball position, body posture and your body weight position can drastically effect your swings path.

Here are five things you should know about how the fundamentals effect swing path:
• If the ball is too close your body at address, it becomes incredibly easy to come over the top into impact.
• If your body weight hangs on your rear leg into impact, you’re likely going to push the ball.
• If the ball is too far forward and your stance, coming over the top becomes incredibly easy.
• If the ball is too far back in your stance, pushes become more likely.
• If the ball is too far away from your body, you’re more likely to attack the ball from the inside.

Golf Cross DrillI can’t stress enough how important solid fundamentals are in the golf swing. The simplest mistake can have a drastic affect on the results of your golf shot, and lead to other poor swing mechanics. By putting an emphasis and proper fundamentals you can help reduce the number of swing faults your swing can suffer from, and really start improving your game. I invite you to review the fundamentals at the range by placing an two clubs down on the range in an ‘+’ pattern,

Use one shaft to align your feet, knees, hips and shoulders to your target line, and use the other to better identify the ball position in relation to your stance. You may be surprised to find you ball position creeping forward or back using this method.

Give this drill a shot, take a refresher on your fundamentals, and take your game to the next level.


Introducing Nike next generation of game-improvement irons – the new Covert line.  They are designed for high-handicappers with their extreme perimeter rating that helps them reduce twisting on off-center hits, and increase forgiveness. This new irons feature an extremely strong, but thin face that allowed Nike designers to maximize the forgiveness of these irons.   The sole of these clubs are very wide and bevelled to help with players who tend to hit it fat.  The 3 to 7 iron are case 450-Carpenter steel, the 8 iron through wedge are made of 1704 stainless steel.

They come with  a True Temper Dynamic Gold metal shafts, and MSRP at $699.  Graphite, with the Mitsubishi Diamana Kura Kage shafts will run you $799. Look for them February 1st, 2013.


Nike Covert Driver 2013

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Nike Golf’s got a big release coming out today of their new driver.  You’ve likely seen a previous post on their ‘threat identified‘ campaign. We’ve got a sneak peek for you this morning to enjoy, and we’ll post color shots as they become available later today.  This driver was recently tested and approved on the USGA conforming list. It comes in two versions, with adjustable lofts, shafts, and the tour version also features an adjustable heel weights. Enjoy the pictures from the USGA and the latest teasers  below!

Update: Well the release of this new driver was quite the spectacle.  Nike has launched the first cavity back driver, which in this golfers mind laughs in the face of basically everything we’ve learned about moment of inertia and and well, physics.  But Nike claims this change allowed them to move more of the drivers weight where its needed most. This driver can be adapted to offer a golfer a choice of 5 lofts, and 3 face-angles. Available February 2013.  Can’t wait to test this driver out! Check out some more pictures, a video and the press release below:

[nggallery id=6]

Catch the full press release below:

This visually stunning iconic red driver stands out as the most innovative club Nike Golf has ever produced.  Its three proprietary technology platforms: High Speed Cavity Back; FlexLoft adjustability; and NexCOR face, combine to create unprecedented distance, control and forgiveness. 

In addition to dramatically enhancing performance, the VR_S Covert wow-inducing design and engineering also simplifies the consumer’s retail experience, since the FlexLoft adjustability system allows for the driver to easily be changed to any loft and any face angle at any time. This creates 15 different options in one single club to meet the various swing characteristics of golfers.

“With the VR_S Covert we have created a game changing piece of technology that has already begun a growing industry buzz,” said Rob Arluna, Nike Golf’s Global Golf Club Business Director.  “It is visually exciting, it feels and sounds amazing and, most importantly, it creates powerful results with a high degree of control.  Golfers and our Nike Golf Tour athletes are going to have a lot of fun with this driver.”

The High Speed Cavity Back in the VR_S Covert is a technology used in irons and now brought to drivers, fairways and hybrids for the first time by Nike Golf.  This technology leads to more stability at impact, which delivers more energy to the ball, resulting in more distance and control.  The Cavity Back is only visible from the sole view but is covered and hidden underneath by the crown to be more visually and pleasing at address – hence the name VR_S Covert. By incorporating this new hidden geometry into the driver, Nike Golf engineers have been able to move the weight of the club to the heel and toe of the golf club, raising Moment of Inertia (MOI) to increase forgiveness and add even more distance to off-center shots.

Nike Golf’s FlexLoft is a simple pull, turn, and push/tighten mechanism that allows for an intuitive adjustment system.  The patented Dual Axis adjustment allows golfers to choose their loft and face angle independently of each other by decoupling loft from face angle.  This all leads to better ball flight for more distance as well as enhanced workability. This easy to use system gives the golfers 15 different options to suit their game and course conditions.

The NexCOR face technology featured in the VR_S Covert line is designed to deliver faster ball speed and longer shots from a wider area of the face.  NexCOR creates more speed at impact by employing a variable face thickness that moves the sweet spot higher from the heel of the club to the center high, where most golfers are likely to make impact.

The VR_S Covert driver will be available in golf stores throughout North America and Europe on February 8, 2013 and in the rest of world starting on February 15, 2013.  The driver will be offered in two models, the VR_S Covert Tour and VR_S Covert. The VR_S Covert Tour is 430cc and features a deeper face and a fixed weight screw.  The VR_S Covert is 460cc and has a wider breadth.  Both models will come with Mitsubishi Rayon’s new Kuro Kage shafts that are produced with higher carbon fiber density for superior control and power.

Key Technologies:

  • High Speed Cavity Back – Industry First in a conforming driver.
  • FlexLoft Adjustability System – Any Loft. Any Face Angle. One Club for All.
  • NexCor – The New Face of Speed.


Nike VR_S Covert Tour 430cc

Available: 2/8/2013

FlexLoft Adjusts: 8.5-12.5

Kuro Kage 60s Shaft Flex: R, S, X

Street Price: $399.00


Nike VR_S Covert  460cc

Available: 2/8/2013

FlexLoft Adjusts: 8.5-12.5

Kuro Kage 50s Shaft Flex: W, A, R, S, X

Street Price: $299.00


Good evening everyone! The Golf Insider returns with a new video discussing the TaylorMade RocketBladez irons and his experience testing them out with a trackman.  We also learn why TaylorMade trademarked “rocketfuel”. Be sure to subscribe to the Golf Insider on Youtube and to make it even easier, he’s giving away a 2013 TaylorMade Manta S Putter in a Thanksgiving giveaway. Sign-up today! Enjoy the video below.


Hi everyone, we’ve got a new release from Cleveland that’s bound to get wedge fans salivating.  Here’s our first look at the new ROTEX technology, used on the RTX Wedges.  We’ve got some snippets from the press release, a video explaining the new tech, and pictures of the new wedges below.


Here’s what Cleveland has to say about these wedges:

-16% Larger Grooves. Through more precise manufacturing, these U-Grooves are 16% larger than previous Tour Zip Grooves® to promote cleaner contact and maximize spin on critical scoring shots.

-Rougher, More Durable Laser Milling. Advanced surface roughness technology is now more durable and dimensionally optimized for even more friction at impact.

-ROTEX Face Pattern. Directionally milled face pattern adds roughness and imparts maximum spin, especially on open-face wedge shots where impact tends to be closer to the toe.

-Wedge Cavity Back. An undercut cavity promotes perimeter weighting for more forgiveness on off-center hits.

-Reverse C Sole. Inspired by Cleveland Golf’s popular CG14 and CG16 wedges, this wide, constant-width sole combines heel and toe grinds to improve performance from bunkers and deep rough.

588® RTX CB wedges come in eight different lofts (46°-60°) with standard bounce in both Satin Chrome and Black Pearl finishes. Minimum advertised price (MAP) is $119.99. Women’s version is available.

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Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. We’ve got a few updates from Nike for you. They’ve got the marketing team working overtime and taking a page out of TaylorMade’s playbook with their recent tease video and photo of a new driver with the slogan “Threat Identified”. Also, we’ve got our first look of the new Method Core putter line for 2012/2013. This new line features fixed weights for optimal feel. Check out the teaser video and pictures below. It looks like Nike is going red.

Threat Identified

Nike Method Putters Available Nov 1st, 2012


Ever wonder what Jesper Parnevik is up to these days? Well good news… we found him.  Looks like he and a cast of PGA Tour players had some spare time and came up with this gem of a video. May I present to you… “Parnevik Gangnam Style”  featuring cameos by Dustin Johnson, Richard Johnson,Will MacKenzie, Fredrik Jacobson and Marc Turnesa. Awesome!


Callaway has recently released what can easily be classified as some of the best looking forged irons Callaway has ever made.  These new forged irons feature a new face design, sole profile and COG characteristics to help better players get more out of their irons.  Make no mistake, these irons are not for the masses, these are for solid low-handicap, scratch and professional players that have reliable ball contact and consistency on the course.  The long irons are designed to help get the ball airborne and on a high trajectory, while the shorter irons are designed to hit the ball on a flatter trajectory with more consistency.  This irons will feature the Project X Pxi shaft, and will retail at $999 for 8 irons.  They are set to be available Jan 25, 2013.

Enjoy the pictures below:

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Leave to TaylorMade to re-define the word “blade” by stamping it on the back of a cavity-back iron. I guess RocketCavityBackZ doesn’t have the same ring to it. Or perhaps like many other once easily defined golf words, like “optimal trajectory” or “prototype”, they’ve just gone to the wind. Anyway, I digress… TaylorMade recently made some hooplah over their “One Little Thing” promo and press release today and now have released their next set of irons for the 2013 season – RocketBladez.  The “one little thing” they added is not exactly new, it has been seen for some time now in Adams woods, and others, but it is the “speed pocket”, which in a nutshell is a cavity in the sole of the club designed to increase COR on impact.  Their CEO Mark King is also claiming this new Speed Pocket is a “once in a lifetime innovation in the iron category”, I suppose time will tell, but I imagine we’ll be seeing this speed slot trend continuing in irons for years to come (well, before next year’s release anyway).

I’ve always been a fan…

Making clubs easier to hit is great, and these irons have done just that. Both the RocketBladez irons and tour irons help get the ball airborne with a combination of extremely low COG and their Speed Pocket, which is why Tour players are already playing these irons.  Here’s all Taylormade has to say about these new sticks, videos and pictures galore.  Enjoy!

Only RocketBladez are powered by the Speed Pocket, the little thing that promoted radically increased speed and distance.  These irons are the true blend of the feel the pros demand and the explosive distance the amateurs crave.  The Speed Pocket.  If you don’t have it, then you don’t have it.

RocketBladez Tour Irons

  • Maximum speed and flight enhancement technology in the 3- through 7-iron: The Speed Pocket promotes consistently high ball speed and distance.
  • Consistent distance with every iron made possible by careful management of the Speed Pocket, improved inverted Cone shape and high MOI.
  • 11grams of weight is strategically redistributed to lower and center the CG location, promoting a higher launch angle, higher peak trajectory and a steep, soft-landing, quick-stopping descent angle.
  • Fantastic feel promoted by a specially formulated polyurethane developed by 3M that fills the Speed Pocket and quiets vibration.
  • Milled face-texture and grooves promote consistently high spin.
  • Shaft: KBS Tour – X, S, R
  • Grip: Mens RBladez Tour Grip – Tour Velve 51.5g
  • Shaft size .355 tip
  • Available early February 2013.
  • Price: TBD.
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RocketBladez Irons

  • Speed Pocket in the 3- through 7-irons works with an advanced, ultra-thin face design to promote consistently high ball speed and distance.
  •  Consistent distance with every iron made possible by careful management of the Speed Pocket, improved Inverted Cone shape and high MOI.
  •  17.5 grams of weight is strategically redistributed to lower and center the CG location, promoting a higher launch angle, higher peak trajectory and a steep, soft-landing, quick-stopping descent angle.
  • Fantastic feel promoted by a specially formulated polyurethane developed by 3M that fills the RBZ Speed Pocket and quiets vibration.
  • SW and LW have re-designed cavities to promote feel, feature our renowned ATV sole for maximum greenside versatility, and come equipped with heavier steel shafts to promote better rhythm and control
  • Shaft: RocketFuel™ 85 Steel – S,R
  • Shaft: RocketFuel™ 65 Mens Graphite – S, R, M
  • Grip:Mens RBladez Grip 47.5g
  • Shaft size .370 tip
  • Available December 1, 2012.
  • Price: $799 for steel, $899 for graphite.

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Well the new clubs for 2013 are showing up in droves this year.  We’ve got another ‘first look’ to share with you today… this time of the next round of Callaway RAZR Fit drivers called the Xtreme.  This version was recently approved by the USGA and we also found a color version posted by the same guy who leaked the Cleveland Classic XL pic we posted yesterday.  This new Callaway driver looks pretty slick (in black and white) and not so bad in green either. It features the speed frame face, two large weight ports in the back heel of the club for an adjustable trajectory, and shaft interchangeability. What are your thoughts? Are you liking this direction from Callaway? Enjoy the pictures below.

Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver 2013