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Aldila RIP Trinity Shaft Profile

Profile – This latest offering from Aldila for the 2013 season does away with the skull and cross-bones look and for the first time combines all three Aldila patented design technologies – the RIP, S-Core Technology & Micro Laminate.  These three technologies are found in varying degrees in some of the hottest shafts on Tour – like the Aldila Rip & …

The Golf Drill GuruAldila RIP Trinity Shaft Profile
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Top 5 Issues Killing Golfers Over 50: Neck Rotation

Today we are going to cover the 5th and final issue killing golfers over 50: poor neck rotation flexibility. If you have a stiff neck, it is impossible to take a powerful backswing without the head moving a lot. The more the head moves in the backswing, the more difficult it will be to make clean contact with the golf …

The Golf Drill GuruTop 5 Issues Killing Golfers Over 50: Neck Rotation
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Top 5 Issues Killing Golfers Over 50: Shoulder Rotation

Happy Spring! Today we are going to address the 4th most common issue killing golfers over the age of 50: The flying elbow. The flying elbow occurs at the top of the backswing and is when the right elbow is pointing behind you instead of down at the ground.
From this position, it is nearly impossible to attack the golf ball …

The Golf Drill GuruTop 5 Issues Killing Golfers Over 50: Shoulder Rotation
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Fourteen Golf Gelong D CT214 Driver

Hi everyone, thanks for stoping by. Today we’re going to share a quick post with you on a new driver that was spotted on the USGA conforming list from Fourteen Golf.  You will likely recall Fourteen Golf for their famous minimalist blade and wedge designs, well here’s a new driver they recently tested in 6, 8, 9.5, 10.5 degrees.  Enjoy …

The Golf Drill GuruFourteen Golf Gelong D CT214 Driver
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TaylorMade R1 Driver Review

Good afternoon everyone, today we’re going to share with you a review of the much debated TaylorMade R1 Driver.  This new driver got blasted for its appearance by many on the web, but still managed to garner a rather large tour following – is it simply sponsorship dollars t work? In this review we dive a little deeper into the …

The Golf Drill GuruTaylorMade R1 Driver Review

Golf Patent: Thermoreactive Club Face

Well Nike has recently patented a clubface that can change its “trampoline effect” depending on how hot the face is.  While cool, this patent does bring up some interesting thoughts and questions.  What we learned from this patent:

Depending on swing speed, you can actually increase the temperature of the face by 0.5-5 degrees Celsius (sorry, we’re Canadian)
Nike Golf can develop …

The Golf Drill GuruGolf Patent: Thermoreactive Club Face
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2013 Masters in Review

Well, we pretty much called that one spot on:

We told you an old-timer would make a run at the title before falling away: Check -Fred Couples.
We told you Tiger Woods would be the man to watch: Check- For many reasons.
We told you a young whippersnapper would make an audacious attempt to conquer Augusta: Check – Tianlang Guan.
We told you another …

The Golf Drill Guru2013 Masters in Review
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TaylorMade RocketBladez Tour Iron Review

Back with the reviews.  Today we’re sharing with you a follow-up to our post a couple days ago on the review of the Taylormade RocketBladez Irons, with a new review on the tour version of these irons.  Our independent review was able to compare the two models on the range a few weeks backwe’re jealous, but Spring is right around …

The Golf Drill GuruTaylorMade RocketBladez Tour Iron Review
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TaylorMade RocketBladez Iron Review

How’s it going everyone.  Today we’re sharing with you an independent review of the TaylorMade RocketBladez Iron. While Tayloremade is definitely redefining the word “blade” with these irons, as you will read, our reviewer was definitely a fan and the custom shaft options available.  Stay tuned for the Tour iron review soon.  Let’s get to it.
The TaylorMade RocketBladez upgraded appearance …

The Golf Drill GuruTaylorMade RocketBladez Iron Review
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Masters Champion Dinner Infographic

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Well it’s Masters week, and we’re excited for things to get going on Thursday. As you may well know, tonight is the night of the Masters Champion Dinner that Bubba will be hosting, and while tonights menu isn’t yet public, I’m going to hazard a guess that their will be some seafood, and key …

The Golf Drill GuruMasters Champion Dinner Infographic