Ping Serene Iron Review

ping serene2

Happy Thursday everyone. Today we are reviewing the Ping Serene iron. This is a women’s club that combines attractiveness with forgiveness. Look  The Serene club head is designed with a 17-4 stainless steel and appears very similar to the G20.  It features a thick top line and wide sole for increased forgiveness.  In addition, the offset design will help players get ... Read More »

Adams IDEA a12 OS Hybrid Review

Adams Idea a12 OS Hybrid

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by – this morning we have another review for you. Today we will look at the Adam IDEA a12 OS Hybrid. Look Adams golf has been known for developing forgiving hybrid irons for years. They have practically cornered that niche of the market while other companies have steered clear of full hybrid iron sets. The ... Read More »

Teaching your Kids Golf – The Full Swing Part 3

kids clinic t1

In this lesson, we’ll teach you how to teach your kids the full swing. To start off, you must reinforce the last two lessons on both putting and chipping. An easy way to demonstrate this, is by grabbing an iron and showing kids the putting stroke, and gradually swing bigger until you’re chipping, and then slowly progress to a full ... Read More »

Aldila Tour Green & Tour Blue Shaft Profiles

Aldila Tour Blue & Green Review

Profile - This latest offering from Aldila for the 2014 season are the Tour Blue and Tour Green shafts that were launched in the fall of 2013, and are just now coming out in full force with a variety of weights. These shafts differ from each other almost solely in their tip strength. The Blue has a softer tip that ... Read More »

TaylorMade New Finds – Updated!

TaylorMade SLDR Mini Driver

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by today.  We’ve got a few updates for you from TaylorMade and the USGA conforming list to share that include some variations on RBZ driver, including a “Pro” and “HL” version.  Also we get a first look at the SLDR Mini (12 degree model though).  It seems like some of these may be targeting an ... Read More »

Teaching Your Kids Golf Part 2 – Chipping


In this lesson, we’ll use what your kids have learned on the putting green to teach another essential golf skill – chipping. Contrary what you may think as an adult – the chipping stroke should be identical to a putting stroke, but simply with a club designed to get the ball in the air. The Club Okay, you may reach ... Read More »

Teaching Your Kids Golf Part 1 – Putting


As a former golf professional and instructor, I have always had a passion for teaching others the game of golf. When I was teaching, I spent a lot of time teaching young kids the game. I really enjoyed teach kids because unlike adults, they rarely had bad tendencies engrained from years of swinging a club incorrectly. Kids can easily be ... Read More »

Snow Golf Approved for 2018 Winter Olympics


The International Olympics Committee have finally reviewed a longstanding petition by the USGA to have snow golf entered into the Winter Olympics. This past week, the USGA finally got their wish as Thomas Bach, President of the IOC approved the first ever snow golf competition for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. South Korean’s were ecstatic to hear ... Read More »

The Most Exciting Golfers Of All Time

Golf is, admittedly, a pretty boring game. It’s much more exciting to watch sports such as basketball or football as compared to seeing grown men playing with sticks and balls in oversized gardens. However, there are a group of players that will come along and change the game so that watching golf will become much more fun and interesting. Here ... Read More »

Nike Golf VRS 2.0 Covert Irons

Nike VRs Covert 2.0 Irons

The next generation of the VRS Covert line by Nike is here, in the re-vamped 2.0 version.  These new irons feature a larger cavity, and thinner perimeter to increase ball speed off the face and generate more distance.  Couple this with a new leading edge designed to weave it’s way through grass more easily, and a slightly larger face for ... Read More »

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