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GolfPunk is Back!

Good afternoon everyone! I was rolling through our email this afternoon and saw a message from the guys over at GolfPunk. For those that don’t know, GolfPunk was (is) one of my favourite golf magazines and I was sad when they were ceased production a few years back. The old GolfPunk team has returned and they’ve just launched their new …

SirShanksAlotGolfPunk is Back!
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Golf Body Rotation 101: Creating Tension

You see it on every range and course you play – someone with a swing where their front heel lifts off the ground at the top of the backswing.  And while for some players, this is a necessary swing adjustment in order to produce a solid turn, for most, its actually hindering the creation of tension and coil between the upper and …

The Golf Drill GuruGolf Body Rotation 101: Creating Tension
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A Pinch Of Cobra Gossip

Hey everyone, we’ve got a little bit of Cobra gossip to share with you tonight.  Looks like the new line of woods/hybrids likely for 2013 will have the name Cobra AMP Cell – the new driver will be incredibly adjustable, offering 4 different lofts (3 degree range), and two draw settings for the basic model.  The Tour version is said …

The Golf Drill GuruA Pinch Of Cobra Gossip
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A Casual Friday At Bethpage Black

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Today we wanted to share with you some pictures we shot while out at the Barclays on Friday, watching the pros play (and struggle) on this incredibly difficult course.  We had a great time following the big guys (which we rarely get to see up in Canada) on a fantastic day out at Bethpage …

The Golf Drill GuruA Casual Friday At Bethpage Black
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Cobra Trusty Rusty Wedge Review

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by, today we’ve got another independent review for you on the Cobra Trusty Rusty wedge – enjoy!
Nearly twenty years ago Cobra introduced the golf world to Trusty Rusty wedge, which went on to become one of the most popular wedges in golf.  The Trusty Rusty has been a fan favorite for years and Cobra hopes …

The Golf Drill GuruCobra Trusty Rusty Wedge Review
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Slicers, Don’t Aim Left

Let me ask you something… how many of you slicers out there have tried to counteract it by aiming further left?
Does it help?
To be honest this ‘tip’ does as much good as telling someone to just swing faster in order to gain extra yards. On the rare occasion you do make solid, square contact; your ball is so far in …

The Golf Drill GuruSlicers, Don’t Aim Left
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The Ping Anser Driver

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. Well, we’ve already released pictures of Ping Golf’s first ever adjustable driver, but now we’ve got the low-down on all the clubs technology, specs and prices after Ping’s recent press release. This new driver features the same 8-1-1 titanium seen in the i20/G20 models, has an elongated head shape, deep face and its …

The Golf Drill GuruThe Ping Anser Driver
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Callaway 2013 Line-up Trademarks

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. We recently came across a plethora of Callaway trademarks that were recently filed. Nothing too shocking here, but nonetheless, we’ve likely stumbled upon a new iterations of the RAZR Fit driver, and RAZR X irons, and some new wedges likely on the horizon with the name V-Line. Here’s a short list of the trademarks …

Golf Club BuzzCallaway 2013 Line-up Trademarks
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Mitsubishi Launches KURO KAGE Silver Golf Shafts

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Today we’ve got a new release from MRC Golf of the KURO KAGE Silver driver, hybrid and iron shafts. This release is on the heels of the popular KURO KAGE Black shaft released earlier this year.  These shafts feature a High Density Prepreg, which means a lighter shaft with enhanced stability to the average …

Golf Club BuzzMitsubishi Launches KURO KAGE Silver Golf Shafts
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True Linkswear PHX Golf Shoe Review

I recently had the pleasure of testing out new True Linkswear’s line-up of PHX shoes out on a mountain golf trip with the old man. Since we had a whole week of golf planned, and I wanted to protect my sensitive feet, I saved the first test-round for a day when we had a cart.  We’ve all been there, when …

Golf Club BuzzTrue Linkswear PHX Golf Shoe Review