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Dave Pelz’s Back Yard

Move aside Tiger Woods and Phil. We have a new contender for the most awesome backyard ever, and it belongs to the short game guru Dave Pelz. These pictures are absolutely incredible, to the point of almost being gimicky – but with all that said, I would want nothing more than a couple buckets of balls and a sunny afternoon …

The Golf Drill GuruDave Pelz’s Back Yard
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First Look: Ping Anser Adjustable Driver New Wedge

Ping has finally joined the adjustable bandwagon. It’s a little overdue, but as you know Ping drivers have always been traditional.  Their recent release of the Ping Anser driver was much anticipated, and finally we have our first look.  This new driver is 460CC titanium head with a black-matte finish.  The driver is adjuatable for loft plus or minus a …

Golf Club BuzzFirst Look: Ping Anser Adjustable Driver New Wedge
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Sneak Peek At The Mizuno MP64 & MPH4 Irons

Hey everyone thanks for stopping by.  It looks as though some recent pictures posted on the Mizuno Japan sites give us a look at what’s likely coming next from Mizuno.  While we’ve shared pictures of the MP Craft driver in the past, the MP64 and MPH4 irons are all new baby.  These new forged irons are set to be released …

Golf Club BuzzSneak Peek At The Mizuno MP64 & MPH4 Irons
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TaylorMade R11S Driver Review

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by, today we’ve got an independent review of the TaylorMade R11s.  This driver came on the heels of the new RBZ line, and by the sounds of this review, it my have been a mistake by TaylorMade.  Enjoy!
The TaylorMade r11s driver, the next generation of the R11 features plenty of innovation on the 460 cc …

Golf Club BuzzTaylorMade R11S Driver Review
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Limited Edition Cobra AMP Orange Driver

Source: The Shop: Golf club and equipment news and reviews |
SirShanksAlot Comments: Hey, we called it. Recently we posted a patent showing Cobra was building an all orange driver.  Well, they built it, and now you can own it —if you’re a fan of limited editions, and spending $500 on a driver again that is. I gotta say, these limited …

Golf Club BuzzLimited Edition Cobra AMP Orange Driver
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World Record Golf Ball “Catch”

I don’t know what to make of this. But wanted to share nonetheless. In this video, you’ll see a 300-yard drive, a Mercedes-Benz SLS, a whole bunch of dangerous driving… and the “catch”, Enjoy!
P.S. Huh, I figured this was a Callaway or TaylorMade stunt… yet he’s hitting an R11 with a Callaway cap on. Hmm…

Golf Club BuzzWorld Record Golf Ball “Catch”
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Ping i20 Hybrid Review

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by – today we’ve got another review to share, of the Ping i20 Hybrid.
Similar to the entire Ping i20 line, their hybrids look fantastic. It features a low profile and compact head very pleasing to the eye. The entire Ping i20 line features an all black matte finish that prevents/reduces glare from the club head. …

Golf Club BuzzPing i20 Hybrid Review
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Titleist D2/D3 913 Driver for 2013

Source: USGA
SirShanksAlot Comments: Titleist recently tested their new D2 and D3 913 driver out with the USGA. These new drivers feature adjustability in shafts, a sole weight, and is available in both hands.  The USGA tested a variety of lofts from 7.5 to 12 degrees.  Looks like these beauties are still in development, and player testing has recently begun.  We’ll keep …

Golf Club BuzzTitleist D2/D3 913 Driver for 2013
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36 Holes With A Callaway Hex Black

Okay, I’ll admit it, when it comes to golf balls, I’m a Titleist guy.  Even though I play Callaway irons and a Callaway driver, they’ve never produced a golf ball that I really liked (the original Rule 35’s Red & Blue aside). So when I was asked to test out the new Callaway Hex Black, I was already a little …

Golf Club Buzz36 Holes With A Callaway Hex Black
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The Mizuno BF-01 Driver

Source: United States Golf Association
SirShanksAlot Comments: A few Mizuno drivers recently appeared on the USGA conforming list.  While a couple of these driver’s we’ve seen before – one in particular caught our eye – the BF-01.  Time will tell if this driver ends up hitting the production lines, let alone making it to the USA, but wanted to share with you …

Golf Club BuzzThe Mizuno BF-01 Driver