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Introducing uDesign by Callaway

Callaway announced today a very cool personalization tool for it’s RAZR Fit line-up.  This new web based tool allows you to customize your RAZR Fit driver into over 70,000 unique combinations or colors, shafts, grips, lengths, loft, and more.  This innovation is one of the best things we’ve seen from Callaway in sometime, and it’s likely to get some good …

Golf Club BuzzIntroducing uDesign by Callaway
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Masters Easter Egg's

SirShanksAlot Comments: Found these on Twitter.  Some people really love the Masters Thanks @tmurph46

Golf Club BuzzMasters Easter Egg's
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Pink PING G20 On Sale!

Source: – 2012 Masters Winner Bubba Watson WITB?: PING Golf announced today it would be selling 5,000 limited-edition all-pink PING G20 drivers inspired by Bubba Watson’s win last weekend at the Masters.  Starting June 1st these drivers will be sent to golf shops across the US at a pricetag of $430.  5% of the proceeds go to Bubba’s fundraising campaign …

The Golf Drill GuruPink PING G20 On Sale!
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Callaway Japan Legacy Drivers

SirShanksAlot Comments: Looks like Callaway will be launching a new Legacy Driver model for the Japan marketplace.  This new model appears to feature a weight port and interesting spiral-like design which likely reduces the overall weight distribution of the club (or may just be aesthetic features).  Enjoy the pics below.  

The Golf Drill GuruCallaway Japan Legacy Drivers

Mizuno MP-59 Iron Review

How fiercely loyal are Mizuno iron players to the brand? Their unofficial motto is, “You’ll get my Mizzies when you pry ’em from my cold, dead hands.” OK, I made that up, but you get the idea. The butter-soft feel of Mizuno’s forgings sets the standard by which all others are measured. The company’s MP lineup is the crème de …

Independent Club ReviewerMizuno MP-59 Iron Review
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Cobra ‘Long Tom’ Driver Review

Cobra is now under new ownership. Puma bought Cobra Golf and ever since, they have been working to revolutionize the Cobra line-up. Some of these changes are winners, like the Amp line, but the buzz and demand for the Long Tom has been pretty stagnant. Recently, I found out why. The background behind the Long Tom actually goes back to …

Independent Club ReviewerCobra ‘Long Tom’ Driver Review
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The Wrist Hinge Drill

While this fault may look silly, you’d be surprised how many players suffer from it. At the top of the backswing, some players are gripping the club so tightly, that their wrists do not hinge at the top.  If you are so focused on keeping the clubface on-line throughout your swing, you will likely exhibit some form of this fault …

The Golf Drill GuruThe Wrist Hinge Drill
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STX Golf XForm Putter Series

Source: Golf Stuff Review Blog – Golf News – Golf Equipment Reviews: SirShanksAlot Comments:Some fantastic looking putters from STX Golf.  Each and every one of these is sleek, scream quality, and even has a touch of fun with it’s bright yellow insert.  These putters are 100% machined from 303 stainless steel, with a satin finish.  Can wait to test these out.

The Golf Drill GuruSTX Golf XForm Putter Series

TaylorMade RBZ Rescue Review

Looks By now most players that see “white” think TaylorMade. This is becoming more than a fad, and looks as though its going to stick around for quite some time. The white and black colors of the RBZ Rescue make alignment easy, and in all honestly, look great over the ball. What can I say? I’m a fan of the …

Independent Club ReviewerTaylorMade RBZ Rescue Review
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The New Harrison Striper H2 Shaft

Harrison recently released their new Striper H2 shaft that they claim is one of the most accurate light weight shafts available.  The engineers at Harrison developed what they call High Hoop Technology, which employs a full-length of hexagonal graphite matrix perpendicular to the shaft to maximize strength and ultimately produce less shaft deformation.  With shaft deformation contributing to approximately 50% …

Golf Club BuzzThe New Harrison Striper H2 Shaft