The Swing Path Pump Drill

Your swing path is one of the major contributors to the starting direction of your golf shot. Getting your swing to the point where your swing path is consistent is one of the best ways to take your game to the next level. This consistency helps eliminate pull and pushes from your swing, and helps you improve your overall ball ... Read More »

Odyssey Flip-Face Putter

Source: Odyssey Introduces New Flip Face Putters | The Golf Exchange SirShanksAlot Comments: Alright, this may be gimmicky, but it’s still pretty cool – the ultimate transformer of golf clubs is the recently released Odyssey Flip Face Putter. This new putter, available in three different models has two face plate options to choose from – the Metal X insert and ... Read More »

Ping Nome Putter Spotted


Source: Ping “Nome” putter spotted at 2012 Humana Challenge – GolfWRX SirShanksAlot comments: A new Ping putter was spotted out at the Humana Challenge and we’ve got some pictures below. This putter dubbed the “Nome” – a nickname I actually reserve for a fellow golfer of mine who stands a mere 5 feet tall… and almost the same around – is ... Read More »

A Lesson in Accuracy

Accuracy is a characteristic we all are looking to have in our games, especially with the shorter irons. Apart from some fundamental keys, like solid balance, there is one particular swing trait all accurate golfers seem to have adopted. On their downswing they get their shaft in line with their lead arm. If you can emulate this technique in your ... Read More »

Ping K15 Fairway Wood Review

Ping K15 Fairway Wood

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Today we’ll share with you a review from an independent reviewer for the Ping K15 fairway woods.  This forgiving and effortless 3 wood made quite the impression on our reviewer.  See more details below.  Are you a fan of the K15? Or do you loath it? Share your review below!   Performance The Ping K15 3 ... Read More »

Odds & Ends Round Up


Hi everyone, we’ve got some odds and ends from the golfing world to share with you today from our friend Scott Kramer.  Some of these tidbits we’ve shared further information on throughout or site, some, are news to even us.  Enjoy! Read More »

Callaway's Patent Duo


Hey everyone, Callaway’s got a couple of patents out there that are worth sharing with you all from our friend Dave Dawsey at First up, Callaway’s trademarked the name “PARADOX” for a new golf ball. Most high-end balls could be considered paradoxes these days anyway, with their ability to reduce spin on driver shots, and amp it up for ... Read More »

MacGregor M59 Driver


Hi all, happy Monday! A new club by MacGregor showed up on the USGA conforming list… and big surprise – it’s white! The MacGregor M59 driver was tested in a 10.5 degree right-handed model, with a CFT markings on the backside. It appears to have an adjustable shaft as well, but it’s hard to say that this point. Have a ... Read More »

Titleist 910F Fairway Wood Review

Performance If you are into technology, then the Titleist 910F 15 degree fairway wood will not disappoint. The Titleist 910F utilizes Titleist SureFit Technology which allows you to adjust the hosel to sixteen different positions that change the loft and lie of the club. The SureFit technology allows you to alter your desired trajectory, spin rate and shot pattern. Set ... Read More »

Adams Golf Up For Sale?


Adams Golf, less than a year after buying Yes! Golf putters, is exploring options to help boost it’s company’s share price, despite it’s overwhelming successes in the past two years. Their Board of Directors unanimously decided to “explore and evaluate strategic alternatives to enhance shareholder value” says a recent press release on GlobeNewswire. This move is quite shocking when you consider ... Read More »

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