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New TaylorMade RBZ Irons on the Way

Good morning everyone! Just a quick update on some new TaylorMade irons for you. Looks like we’ll see new RBZ irons on December 1st. Word is that there will be two versions… a Tour and a Standard version (as is usually the case). The non-forged Tour version will be a mix between the current RBZ iron and the Tour Preferred …

SirShanksAlotNew TaylorMade RBZ Irons on the Way
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Pull Slice? Try a The Sidehill Drill

The fault being demonstrated by the lines in this picture is called coming over-the-top. This classic fault is very common with slicers, and is most often characterized by a big looping slice that starts left of the target line (right-handers anyway). This move, of hacking down at the ball from a vertical position with the arms and upper body results …

The Golf Drill GuruPull Slice? Try a The Sidehill Drill
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What Shaft is Bubba Playing?

Hey guys, we got a question from a reader on what shaft Bubba Watson is playing – ‘the pink one’. The answer is the Grafalloy BiMatrx Tour Protype.  This shaft has been around for sometime 5+ years, but only recently became available for sale (likely due to Bubba’s popularity).  This shaft is now available in 6 different colors: pink, black, …

The Golf Drill GuruWhat Shaft is Bubba Playing?
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Titleist 913 D2 & D3 Drivers

Good evening everyone, and thanks for stopping by. Today we’re going to share with you the latest and greatest on the Titleist 913 D2 & D3 drivers, which Titleist recently released. These drivers are the next generation of the 912 D2’s & D3’s and feature slight head shape changes, center of gravity modifications and a “hotter” face that has already …

The Golf Drill GuruTitleist 913 D2 & D3 Drivers
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Cobra Amp Cell Driver Spotted

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  We just wanted to share with you a recent video that popped up giving us a good look at the new AMP Cell Driver – from duckdb06.  This video says it all – the new driver is adjustable from 8.5 degrees to 11.5 degrees without closing the face. Silver head, Fujikura fuel shaft. Enjoy!

The Golf Drill GuruCobra Amp Cell Driver Spotted
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Callaway Releases The X Utility Prototype Irons

Hey everyone thanks for stopping by.  We recently got wind that Callaway has officially released their prototype utility irons.  We’ve posted some sneak pictures on the site before, but we finally got all the details in the press release below.  I’m a little surprised the words prototype stayed on these irons, but not really – Callaway has been doing this …

The Golf Drill GuruCallaway Releases The X Utility Prototype Irons
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GolfPunk is Back!

Good afternoon everyone! I was rolling through our email this afternoon and saw a message from the guys over at GolfPunk. For those that don’t know, GolfPunk was (is) one of my favourite golf magazines and I was sad when they were ceased production a few years back. The old GolfPunk team has returned and they’ve just launched their new …

SirShanksAlotGolfPunk is Back!
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Golf Body Rotation 101: Creating Tension

You see it on every range and course you play – someone with a swing where their front heel lifts off the ground at the top of the backswing.  And while for some players, this is a necessary swing adjustment in order to produce a solid turn, for most, its actually hindering the creation of tension and coil between the upper and …

The Golf Drill GuruGolf Body Rotation 101: Creating Tension
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A Pinch Of Cobra Gossip

Hey everyone, we’ve got a little bit of Cobra gossip to share with you tonight.  Looks like the new line of woods/hybrids likely for 2013 will have the name Cobra AMP Cell – the new driver will be incredibly adjustable, offering 4 different lofts (3 degree range), and two draw settings for the basic model.  The Tour version is said …

The Golf Drill GuruA Pinch Of Cobra Gossip
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A Casual Friday At Bethpage Black

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Today we wanted to share with you some pictures we shot while out at the Barclays on Friday, watching the pros play (and struggle) on this incredibly difficult course.  We had a great time following the big guys (which we rarely get to see up in Canada) on a fantastic day out at Bethpage …

The Golf Drill GuruA Casual Friday At Bethpage Black