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3 Tips to Playing Wedges in the Wind

It’s the fall golf season up in Canada, and with it usually comes some windy days out on the course. Wind can wreak havoc throughout your game if you’re not ready to play in it. Wedges in particular are extremely tough to keep on line in the blowing wind. These shots hit the ball high, without much speed behind them, …

The Golf Drill Guru3 Tips to Playing Wedges in the Wind
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Nike Vapor & Vapor Pro Driver

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by, we’ve got some brand new drivers to share with you from Nike Golf that recently popped on the USGA conforming list, and have made quite a buzz.  The real ‘tech’ in this new driver is the Flex Flight Module – a cylindrical weighted object that plugs into the back of these drivers to move …

The Golf Drill GuruNike Vapor & Vapor Pro Driver
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A brief comparison: Rx14 and RxF

Hello everyone, as always thanks for stopping by. Given Renegar Golf’s recently introduced RxF wedges. We wanted to take a quick look and compare the RxF’s design features and options to Renegar Golf’s Rx14 wedges which they released earlier this summer.
Rx14 Wedges                                     …

SirShanksAlotA brief comparison: Rx14 and RxF
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Renegar Golf Introduces RxF Tour Proto Precision-Forged Wedges

Good day folks – and thanks for stopping by! Today we’re excited to introduce to you Renegar Golf’s new RxF wedges.
Renegar Golf, the company that solely focuses on the short game is introducing a new wedge to the market. The FxF Tour Precision-Forged wedges will be available through Renegar Golf’s website shortly, beginning in late September.
Bob Renegar, Founder and Designer for …

SirShanksAlotRenegar Golf Introduces RxF Tour Proto Precision-Forged Wedges
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Tour Edge – Exotics E8 Fairway Woods

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! Today we’d like to give you a little bit of information on the Exotics E8 Fairway Wood. You should see this fairway wood by Tour Edge available in stores beginning early October. For now, here’s what you need to know.
The E8 fairway woods are available in the E8 and E8 Beta models. The …

SirShanksAlotTour Edge – Exotics E8 Fairway Woods
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Baby Bear Dances At BC Golf Course

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. Today we couldn’t help but share with you this adorable video of a baby black bear dancing with a flagpole at the Mountainside Golf Course in Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada. Ironically, I’m heading out there on Friday for a little golf trip before old man winter grips Canada. I especially like when …

The Golf Drill GuruBaby Bear Dances At BC Golf Course
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Tour Edge Exotics E8 Driver

Good evening everyone,  thanks for stopping by. We’ve got some new driver info released from Tour Edge Exotics – the new E8 models. According to Exotics, the major advancement in both the new E8 and E8 Beta model is the positioning of the centre of gravity, and its ability to increase ball speed and reduce spin. The E8 model has …

The Golf Drill GuruTour Edge Exotics E8 Driver
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Smart Golf 101: Long Dogleg Left Par 4 With Water Right

Next up in this series, is a long par 4 with water in play off the tee. This particular hole design is very tricky as the hole dog legs left, and their is water in play on the right. In addition you have bunkers in play off the tee and up near the green… not to mention the tightness of …

The Golf Drill GuruSmart Golf 101: Long Dogleg Left Par 4 With Water Right
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Cleveland ROTEX 588 2.0 Wedges

Hey everyone – thanks for stopping by. Cleveland recently launched and released some new wedges that we’re going to share the nitty gritty with you on the Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 wedges.
These new wedges were designed with sharper grooves and a new micro-milled face pattern than their predecessors, and are said to take spin and control to the next level. …

The Golf Drill GuruCleveland ROTEX 588 2.0 Wedges
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KBS C-TAPER LITE Parallel Shaft

Hello and thanks for joining us today!
One of the most recent additions to the KBS line, the C-TAPER LITE, is now available in parallel tip. The C-TAPER LITE shaft features proven KBS performance benefits in a lighter design.
“The addition of the C-TAPER LITE parallel tip shaft assists in diversifying our line,” said Kim Braly, director of R&D and Tour Operations …

SirShanksAlotKBS C-TAPER LITE Parallel Shaft